$300 Checking Account Bonus Offers for May 2024

Our list of extensive bank offers makes a $300 checking account bonus easy to obtain.

Most of the accounts we listed have benefits beyond the bonus, helping you take control of your personal finances.

Top Banks Offering $300 Checking Account Bonuses

Check out our $300 checking account bonus offers listed below and see which makes the most sense for your financial situation.

  1. Citi
  2. US Bank Smartly
  3. TD Bank
  4. SoFi
  5. Wells Fargo
  6. Axos Bank
  7. Associated Bank
  8. HarborOne Bank

1. Citi Enhanced Direct Deposit citibank Logo

To earn a $300 checking account bonus from Citi, you must open a new Enhanced Direct Deposits checking account with required activities.

  • Open a new eligible Citi Checking account with Enhanced Direct Deposits
  • Within 90 days, complete at least 2 Enhanced Deposits directly into your new checking account totaling $1,500 or more. (Deposit your way from recurring paychecks, retirement payments, pensions, and more)

Bonus will be deposited within 30 days after required activities have been completed.

2. US Bank Smartly us bank Logo

US Bank Smartly accounts offer close to $1,000 in bank bonuses but their easiest checking account bonus to obtain earns you up to a $300 bonus.

US Bank Smartly accounts help you organize your finances by avoiding monthly fees with low minimum balance requirements ($1,000 in direct deposits or $1,500 average balance), overdraft protection, and goal planners.

The bonuses offered are up to $500 for a new checking account and up to $300 for a new savings account. You’ll earn up to $800 when you open a new U.S. Bank Smartly® Checking account and a Standard Savings account online and complete qualifying activities. Subject to certain terms and limitations.

  • Open a new U.S. Bank Smartly® Checking account.
  • Within 90 days, make two or more direct deposit(s) totaling $3,000 to $4,999.99 to earn $100, $5,000 to $9,999.99 to earn $300 or $10,000 or more to earn $500
  • Within the same 90 days, enroll in online or mobile banking

If you want to earn more than a $500 checking account bonus and have money to deposit into a savings account, further your bonus by doing the following:

  • Open a new US Bank Standard Savings account
  • Make new money deposit(s) totaling $25,000 or more by March 31, 2024
  • Maintain that balance until June 30, 2024

You’ll earn a bonus of up to $300 for this activity.

Offer may not be available if you live outside of the U.S. Bank footprint or are not an existing client of U.S. Bank or State Farm.

3. TD Bank td bank Logo

To earn a $300 checking account bonus at TD Bank, you must open a TD Beyond Checking account. The account has a $25 monthly maintenance fee, which is steep, but you can avoid it with $5,000 in monthly direct deposits or a $2,500 combined daily balance.

The account earns interest, and TD will waive non-network ATM fees if you have a balance of at least $2,500.

  • Open a TD Beyond Checking account online
  • Set up at least $2,500 in direct deposits within 60 days

TD Bank takes a long time to pay the bonus as they say to wait 180 days for the bonus. This means you must keep the account for at least six months.

4. SoFi sofi bank Logo

SoFi is an online bank that makes it easy to avoid fees and has plenty of banking features. Here’s the best part. You can be a new or existing SoFi checking account customer and earn the $300 checking account bonus if you set up direct deposit.

The key is that you didn’t have direct deposit set up before if you already have a SoFi checking account.

SoFi offers a high-yield checking account, which is rare in the banking industry. It pays 7x the national rate with an APY of 0.5% on checking balances with direct deposit, and there are no monthly fees.

  • Open a SoFi checking account
  • Set up a direct deposit of at least $5,000 monthly to earn the $300 bonus

5. Wells Fargo wells fargo bank Logo

If you open an Everyday Checking account at Wells Fargo and meet their requirements, you can earn a $325 checking account bonus. You must fund the account with at least $25 to open it.

The Everyday Checking account is Wells Fargo’s most popular account. It has a $10 monthly fee, but you can waive it with a $500 balance or $500 in monthly direct deposits. The account includes mobile deposit, Zelle, online bill pay, and online debit card control.

  • Open an Everyday Checking account online or in person with the bonus offer code provided
  • Receive $1,000 or more in direct deposits within 90 days

That’s it! Wells Fargo pays the bonus within 30 days of you meeting the requirements.

6. Axos Bank axos bank Logo

Axos Bank offers a $300 checking account bonus on its Rewards Checking account.

The $300 is nice, but the account itself is also quite rewarding. You can earn as much as 3.30% APY on your balances if you set up direct deposit, sign up for Personal Finance Manager, add automated loan payments to Axos, and open an investment account.

The account has no monthly maintenance or overdraft fees, minimum requirements, and offers unlimited ATM reimbursements. You also only need $50 to open an account.

  • Open a new Rewards Checking account using the code AXOS300
  • Set up qualifying direct deposits of at least $5,000 monthly

Axos Bank pays the bonus in $50 increments each month if you meet the requirements for the first seven monthly cycles you have the account (up to six payouts).

7. Associated Bank associated bank Logo

Associated Bank pays a $300 checking account bonus on any of their checking accounts when you meet the minimum requirements.

Associated Bank has three checking accounts. These include a basic Associated Access Checking with no monthly fee, Associated Balance Checking with robust digital tools, or Associated Choice Checking, an interest-bearing checking account with relationship-level benefits.

  • Open a new checking account online or in person
  • Set up a direct deposit of at least $500 per month
  • Fund your account with at least $1,000 and maintain the balance for 120 days

8. HarborOne Bank harborone bank Logo

HarborOne Bank makes earning a $300 checking account bonus simple. You must open a new checking account to earn the bonus, but you have choices.

iChecking has a low minimum balance requirement of $200 to waive the monthly fee, but you earn interest of 0.02%, which isn’t high but is high for most checking accounts. You must have at least ten debit card transactions monthly to qualify for the account, though.

If you carry a higher balance in your checking account, open the Advantage Gold checking, but you need an average $15,000 balance to waive the monthly fees and earn the higher APY of 0.05%.

  • Register online using the link above
  • Open a new checking account
  • Set up direct deposits of at least $2,500 monthly

If you want to earn an additional $300, you can open a CD, money market, or savings account and maintain a balance of $10,000.

How To Get More Than $300 From Banks

Other banks pay a higher bonus from the start, but you must meet tougher requirements, such as higher balances or monthly direct deposits.

Here are some of the best checking account bonuses that will earn you more than $300.

BMO Harris

BMO Harris offers cash bonuses of up to $400 by opening one of their two basic checking accounts, Smart Advantage or Smart Money.

Smart Advantage has no monthly fee and allows unlimited ATM transactions at BMO Harris ATMs. The account includes access to Zelle, BMO Total Look (a budgeting program), and mobile banking. Smart Money has a $5 monthly fee and includes all of the above plus overdraft protection.

  • Apply for an account online or in person; if you apply in person, request the promo code online and bring it to the teller
  • Deposit at least $25 in the account
  • Set up cumulative direct deposits of at least $4,000 within 120 days


PNC offers up to a $400 checking account bonus when you open a new Performance Select account. The Virtual Wallet Performance Select account offers a checking (spend), savings, and reserve account. PNC has 60,000 fee-free ATMs, and Virtual Wallet accounts have access to budgeting tools and overdraft protection.

You can earn interest on your savings at regular rates of 0.01%. You can earn higher rates of 0.02% on balances of $1.00 to $2,499.99 on money in Growth and 0.03% on balances over $2,500.

  • Open a new Virtual Wallet Performance Select account online or in person (click to apply for your promo code if applying in person)
  • Set up monthly direct deposits of at least $5,000 in your Spend account

If you can’t meet the $5,000 direct deposit requirement, you can earn a $200 bonus with direct deposits of at least $2,000 in your Spend account.

Citi Priority

Citi Priority offers a checking account bonus of up to $2,000. The amount you earn depends on the amount you deposit. Citi offers bonuses in increments of $200, $500, $1,000, $1,500, and $2,000.

The minimum bonus is $200 and requires a $10,000 deposit. To earn the next bonus of $500, you must deposit at least $30,000.

If you want to maintain Citi Priority status, a relationship tier with preferred banking benefits, and no monthly fees, you must maintain a balance of $30,000.

  • Open a new account online
  • Fund the account with $10,000 or more within 20 days
  • Maintain the balance for at least 60 days

About $300 Checking Account Bonuses

A $300 checking account bonus is money a bank pays you for opening a new account. Most banks have strict requirements you must meet to earn the bonus, such as carrying a minimum balance or receiving a certain amount of direct deposits monthly.

The money goes directly into your checking account and is yours to use how you want after satisfying the requirements.

Why Banks Offer Incentives for Opening Checking Accounts

Banks use bonuses as a marketing tactic. They know they have a lot of competition, especially with online banks today, so they pay bonuses to lure in new customers. Banks change their promotions often, so always check back to see what great bonuses you can earn.

How Checking Account Bonuses are Paid Out

Most banks pay checking account bonuses as a direct deposit to your account. You’ll see it as a transfer within the window the bank states in their fine print. It could be 30 to 180 days before you see your bonus, but track it to ensure you receive the bonus you earned.

How Bank Account Bonuses are Taxed

Bank account bonuses are income, so, unfortunately, you must pay taxes on them. Your bank will issue a 1099-INT. Use the information on it to report on your taxes and pay the applicable tax based on your tax brackets.

How To Qualify for a $300 Checking Account Bonus

Qualifying for a $300 checking account bonus isn’t as hard as you think. Here are the simple steps.

  1. Understand the requirements: Read the bank’s advertisement and fine print to determine how to earn the bonus. Make sure you can meet the requirements and take any necessary steps, such as changing your direct deposit information with your employer
  2. Open the account: You must open a new account with the bank. Pay attention to which account you must open and what other requirements you must meet, including the minimum opening deposit
  3. Fund the account: Most banks have a minimum average balance you must carry to earn the bonus. You typically don’t need to open the account with the full amount, but you will have limited time to fund the account
  4. Wait the allotted time: Each bank bonus has a time period you must wait to earn the bonus. Ensure your balances are what the bank requires during that time and that you meet any other requirement
  5. Collect your bonus: After satisfying the requirements, watch for your direct deposit from the bank of $300 or more

How To Compare Offers

Just like banks pay different interest rates, they each have different checking account bonuses, too. Be sure to compare the offers by looking at the following:

  • Requirements: You will only get the bonus if you meet the requirements. Compare requirements and choose the bank with the ones you can meet the easiest
  • Timeline: Some banks make you wait a long time, like 180 days, to get your bonus, and others make you wait 30 days. Compare the timeline and see which makes the most sense. A bonus you earn in 30 days leaves more time to earn more bonuses from other banks
  • Fees: Don’t sign up for a bank account bonus on an account with fees you can’t waive. Paying $25 monthly in fees quickly depletes any $300 checking account bonus and isn’t worth it

Tips When Signing Up for New Accounts

Before opening a new bank account, consider the following:

  • Fees: Bank fees can get steep. Don’t get taken advantage of just to earn a bonus. Ensure you can meet the requirements to waive the monthly fees
  • APYs: Interest rates on checking accounts aren’t common, but some pay them. If you keep a high checking account balance, look for banks with higher APYs
  • Accessibility: Opening a checking account with no ATMs in your area makes it difficult to access your cash. Stick to banks with local ATMS
  • Minimum balance: Most banks have a minimum balance requirement either to own the account or to waive the monthly maintenance fee. Ensure you can meet it

Frequently Asked Questions

A $300 checking account bonus is a nice way to earn a little extra money. Here’s what else you must know about them.

Can I Open Multiple Accounts To Earn Multiple Bonuses?

You can open as many accounts as you want to earn bonuses, but typically not at the same bank. Most banks have fine print that states one bonus per customer.

Is There a Minimum Duration I Need To Keep the Checking Account Open To Qualify for the $300 Bonus?

Each bank has different requirements. Some require you to hold the account for 30 to 60 days, and others make you wait as long as 180 days. Read the fine print and decide which you prefer.

If I Already Have a Checking Account With the Bank, Am I Eligible for the $300 Bonus, or Is It Limited to New Customers Only?

Most checking account bonuses are for new customers only. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your existing checking account and open another to earn the $300 checking account bonus. The catch is you must meet the requirements, including the average daily balance.

What Is the Process for Claiming the $300 Bonus Once I’ve Met All the Requirements?

Banks will automatically pay your bonus after you earn it. However, tracking the bonus in your account is a good idea to ensure you receive it. If you don’t and think you earned it, contact your bank.

Can I Participate in This Promotion if I’ve Previously Received a Bonus From the Same Bank for a Different Checking Account Offer?

Each bank has a different timeline you must wait to be considered a ‘new customer.’ Some allow it after a few months, while others require waiting over a year.

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