At BankBonus.com, our mission is to empower readers on their financial journeys by helping them find and maximize bank bonuses. Over the past several years, we’ve spent thousands of hours writing about personal finance and searching for the best bank bonuses. Our team has also earned tens of thousands of dollars from bank promotions over the years.

While other websites write about bank promotions, they tend to be out of date or difficult to use. To make bank bonus content more accessible, we built BankBonus.com in late 2020. In pursuit of our mission, we’ve spent countless hours analyzing banks, accounts, and bonuses.

We’re committed to providing authoritative, accurate, and unbiased reviews of banks and credit unions. Whether you’re looking for a local community bank or a national financial institution, we offer comprehensive reviews and ratings to help you make the right choice for your financial needs, backed by insights from our team of banking experts.

We also understand that financial literacy is key to making informed decisions, and we’re committed to providing educational content that equips our readers with the fundamentals of banking, too.

We’re driven by the belief that financial well-being should be within reach for everyone. We’re here to do the heavy lifting of finding and comparing banks and bonuses for you so you can make the most of your banking experience.

Our Team

At BankBonus.com, our dedicated team brings together a wealth of expertise and commitment to editorial integrity. Each of our team members is passionate about helping you navigate the banking world.

We have years of experience in the financial industry and share a commitment to demystifying complex financial concepts, offering practical advice, and helping readers make informed decisions about their banking needs.

Grant Sabatier

Grant Sabatier is a co-founder and CEO of BankBonus.com. Grant earned his first bank bonus in 2011 when opening a business checking account – it was for $300 and he was hooked. He’s the Creator of Millennial Money (acquired by The Motley Fool) and Author of the International Bestseller Financial Freedom (Penguin Random House), which has been translated into eight languages.

Dubbed the “Millennial Millionaire” by CNBC, Grant went from $2.26 to a millionaire in 5 years, reaching financial independence at the age of 30. Grant has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, NPR, BBC, CNBC, Forbes, Business Insider, Money Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Marketwatch, the Rachael Ray Show, and many others.

He cares passionately about sharing his story to inspire others to build a life they love, reminding everyone that time is more valuable than money, and building cool stuff.

Matt Bundrick

Matt Bundrick is a co-founder of BankBonus.com.

With two dozen cards in his wallet (okay, not all at the same time), Matt has mastered the art of optimizing credit card benefits, and has used this knowledge to personally earn tens of thousands in sign up bonuses, fly his family first-class internationally for “free” by hacking reward miles and points, and pocketed countless other perks.

What started as a personal hobby has turned into legit expertise that Matt passionately shares with others:

  • He’s been featured in reputable publications such as Bankrate, U.S. News and TIME, where he’s divulged valuable tips on leveraging credit card rewards and bonuses.
  • He proudly runs the largest community of Delta Reserve and Amex Platinum cardholders, uniting the 50,000 enthusiasts in a shared mission to understand and maximize their cards’ perks.
  • He tirelessly monitors the world of bank promotions, and personally keeps BankBonus.com up to date with the latest and best offers.
Meghan Bundrick

Meghan Bundrick is a co-founder of BankBonus.com and manages the bridge between marketing and IT. She has more than 2 decades of experience, half of that being with brands focused on demystifying money.

As a hazard of the job, she’s spent thousands of hours reading about personal finance – which you don’t escape without undergoing your own transformation. As she’s learned, confronted and shifted the way she thinks about money, she’s also grown passionate about helping others do the same.

Andrea Tolar

Andrea Tolar is the Head of SEO and Content at BankBonus.com. After earning her Bachelors of Business Administration at Anderson University, she jumped headfirst into the digital publishing world in 2014, learning the ins and outs of SEO through her work on major personal finance sites like Millennial Money, Good Financial Cents, Wealthy Single Mommy, Better Credit Blog, The Mortgage Reports, Nurse.org, and Money.com.

By 2018, she worked her way up to Head of SEO, a role she’s serving in today. Through countless hours researching the industry and optimizing content on BankBonus, she’s become an expert on the subject of banking.

Andrea is passionate about getting authoritative, valuable, up-to-date bank reviews, bonus offers, and educational content in front of readers’ eyes to help them reach their financial goals.

Parker King

Parker King is the content manager at BankBonus.com. Once she got her Masters in Professional Communication from Clemson University in 2017, she decided to put her love of writing and editing to use in the financial world, researching and crafting content on everything from insurance and home services to student loans, and budgeting, and banking. 

Her work has been featured on MarketWatch, Fox Business, Millennial Money, and her own site, The Nurse’s Purse, among others.

Over the years, she’s become an expert at writing, editing, and optimizing practical personal finance content that enriches readers’ lives. At BankBonus, Parker stays up to date on the banking industry, builds out bank review methodologies, and strives to ensure all content published on BankBonus is held to the highest editorial standards.

Our Contributors

Chris Hutchins

Chris Hutchins is the Credit Card Editor at Bank Bonus and Millennial Money. He is also the Head of New Product Strategy at Wealthfront and creator of the popular All The Hacks podcast.

Chris began his career as an investment banker for Allen & Company and later joined Monitor Group as a management consultant. A few years later, Chris co-founded Milk, a mobile app incubator based in San Francisco, which was later acquired by Google.

After joining Google, he spent most of his time as a Partner at Google Ventures, where he invested in seed and early-stage companies. After leaving Google, Chris co-founded Grove, a company on a mission to make financial planning honest and accessible for everyone that was acquired by Wealthfront in 2016.

Chris is a globally recognized credit card and travel rewards expert, having collected millions of miles and points. His story and commentary have been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, CNBC, and on the Tim Ferriss Show.

Robbie Young

Robbie Young is the Associate Publisher at CUInsight.com. As Associate Publisher, Robbie works with professionals throughout the credit union industry to find new and innovative ways to spread their message and keep the credit union industry informed.

Outside of CUInsight.com, Robbie loves spending time in the mountains of Upstate South Carolina or outside in general with her husband and daughter.

Our Editorial Policies

At BankBonus.com, our commitment to transparency, accuracy, and impartiality drives our editorial policies. We believe in providing the most reliable and unbiased content to help you make informed financial decisions.

Here’s a glimpse into our editorial practices:

  • Thorough methodologies: We develop comprehensive rating methodologies for banks and accounts to ensure that our reviews are unbiased and reflect the actual customer experience. We evaluate factors like interest rates, fees, account features, and customer service to provide you with a well-rounded assessment.
  • Regular content updates: We’re deeply committed to keeping our content current. We regularly update our reviews, articles, and bonus offers to reflect the latest changes in the banking industry. Our goal is to provide you with the most relevant and accurate information at all times.
  • Constant research: To maintain the highest standards of accuracy, our team is constantly researching and validating bank bonus offers. We scrutinize the fine print, terms, and conditions to ensure the information we present is up-to-date and accurate.
  • Third-party metrics: We want you to have a well-rounded view of a bank’s performance that goes beyond our analysis, so we also rely on third-party metrics and customer reviews to gauge each bank’s customer experience. These measurements give our reviews an added layer of objectivity.

Our editorial policies are rooted in our mission to provide you with trustworthy guidance. We understand that choosing the right bank and financial products is a critical decision, and we’re here to help you navigate the process with confidence and peace of mind.