$500 Checking Account Bonus Offers for July 2024

Bank account bonuses are a great way to earn free money, and earning a $500 checking account bonus is even better!

It sounds like a lot and probably impossible, but you might be shocked to learn the number of banks that pay $500 or more to open a new checking account.

Check them out below.

Top Banks Offering a $500 Checking Bonus

Here are the top banks offering $500 checking account bonuses you can open an account with today:

  1. Citi Relationship Tier
  2. US Bank Smartly
  3. Elgin State Bank
  4. Banner Bank

1. Citi Relationship Tier Checkingciti bank Logo

Citi Relationship Tier Checking offers a checking account bonus of $500 to $2,500 for new customers. The amount you earn depends on the size of your deposit.

To earn a $500 checking account bonus, you must have a minimum balance of $30,000. $200,000 will net you a $1,500 bonus and if you have a $300,000 deposit, you can earn a $2,500 bonus.

  • Open a new account online and enroll in the cash bonus offer before the deadline
  • Deposit the required funds within 20 days of opening your account
  • Maintain the balance, such as $30,000 for a $500 bonus, for at least 60 days

You’ll receive the bonus within 30 calendar days of satisfying the requirements.

2. US Bank Smartly us bank Logo

US Bank offers the opportunity to close to $1,000 in bank bonuses for opening new US Bank Smartly accounts.

New customers can earn a $500 checking account bonus by opening a US Bank Smartly Checking account, an additional $300 bonus for opening a US Bank Smartly Savings account, for a total of up to $800.

  • Open a US Bank Smartly Checking account online, over the phone, or in the branch with at least $25
  • Enroll in online or mobile banking
  • Set up at least $10,000 in monthly direct deposits (earn a $300 bonus for direct deposits of $5,000 to $9,999)
  • Open a US Bank Smartly Savings account with at least $25 online, in person, or over the phone
  • Deposit $25,000 or more in new money by March 31, 2024
  • Keep a balance of $25,000 or more until June 30, 2024

3. Elgin State Bank elgin state bank Logo

Elgin State Bank operates in Illinois and Wisconsin. If you live in either state, you can earn a $500 checking account bonus by opening a checking and savings account.

Elgin State Bank is a local bank with a national bank feeling, providing as many amenities as you’d find at much larger banks.

They currently offer a $300 bonus for new Total Access Checking accounts and an additional $200 bonus if you open a linked Statement Savings account.

  • Open a Total Access Checking account with at least $100 in-person or online ($300)
    • Enroll in online banking
    • Opt-in to e-statements
    • Receive a direct deposit of at least $500 a month for two months
  • Open a new Statement Savings account in-person or online ($200)
    • Deposit at least $15,000 in new money into the account
    • Maintain an average balance of $15,000 for three months

Elgin State Bank will deposit the earned bonuses within 30 days of satisfying the requirements.


Banner Bank offers a new account bonus if you open a new checking and savings account.

They’ll pay a $500 bonus for at least $26,000 deposits in both accounts combined. The nice thing is you can open any checking or savings account and earn the bonus.

  • Open a new checking account online or in person
    • Set up at least $1,000 in direct deposits or carry an average balance of $25,000 within 30 days
  • Open a Banner savings account at the same time you open the new checking account
    • Deposit at least $1,000 in new money within 30 days
    • Keep a balance of at least $1,000 for 90 days
    • Have monthly recurring auto transfers of at least $25 from your checking to your savings account

After you’ve had the accounts for at least 90 days and satisfied all requirements, you’ll receive your bonus within 30 days.

How to Get More Than $500 From Bank Bonuses

Many banks offer more than a $500 checking account bonus. However, $500 is a large bonus, so any bonuses for more than this usually have strict requirements, including hefty deposit amounts.

If you’re looking for a conservative way to invest some money, you may get a nice bonus by investing your funds in a high-yield savings account, money market, or certain CD terms.

Some banks also offer bonuses for simultaneously opening a savings and checking account or opening a checking account with an investment account.

Associated Bank

Associated Bank offers a $600 checking account bonus for new customers opening any Associated Bank checking accounts.

  • Open an account online or in person
  • Set up direct deposits of at least $500 within 90 days
  • Keep your balance growing for the next 120 days

You’ll earn a bonus based on the average daily balance across all Associated Bank accounts, as follows:

  • $1,000 to $4,999.99 = $300 Bonus
  • $5,000 to $9,999.99 = $400 Bonus
  • $10,000+ = $600 Bonus

All bonuses are paid within 120 days of opening the account.

Huntington Bank

Huntington Bank has a $600 checking account bonus for new account holders of the Platinum Perks Checking account.

The account includes unlimited non-Huntington ATM withdrawals and earns interest. Account holders also have access to credit score and identity theft monitoring.

  • Open a new Platinum Perks checking account
  • Deposit at least $25,000 in new money in the account within 90 days
  • Maintain the balance and an open account for at least 90 days

HSBC Bank LogoHSBC HSBC Premier up to $2500 November 22, 2024
  • Min Balance
Chase Bank LogoChase Chase Private Client Checking℠ up to $3000 October 16, 2024
  • Min Balance
Associated Bank LogoAssociated Bank Associated Checking Account up to $600 September 30, 2024
  • Direct Deposit
  • Min Balance
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What Is a $500 Checking Account Bonus?

A $500 checking account bonus is money a bank pays you for opening a new account. They usually require you to open the account with ‘new money.’ In other words, you don’t earn the bonus if you transfer funds from an existing account with the same bank.

A $500 bonus is somewhat high, so expect banks to have strict requirements to earn it besides being ‘new money.’ For example, they may require a size opening deposit, or you must maintain a specific balance for 90+ days.

Always read the fine print to determine what the bank requires to ensure you can fulfill them to receive the hefty bonus.

Why Do Banks Offer Incentives for Opening Checking Accounts?

You might wonder why banks would give away money just to open an account. Fortunately, there isn’t a catch; it’s simply a marketing technique.

Banks earn much more than the $500 they pay in bonuses when you open a new account. By getting more customers, they earn more money from the fees charged.

How Are $500 Checking Account Bonuses Paid Out?

Most banks offer checking account bonuses as a direct deposit into your account after you satisfy the requirements. The fine print usually states when they’ll deposit the funds. Most banks pay the bonus within 90 days of satisfying the bank’s requirements.

How Are $500 Bank Account Bonuses Taxed?

You must pay taxes on any bank account bonuses earned. The bank will issue a 1099-INT to report the bonus, and you must include it in your taxable wages when preparing your taxes. How much you pay in taxes depends on your tax bracket and overall tax situation.

Qualifying for a $500 Checking Account Bonus

So, how do you qualify for a $500 checking account bonus? Here are five simple steps.

  1. Read the offer and determine if you can satisfy the requirements. Be sure to read the fine print as sometimes you’ll catch something in there that isn’t readily advertised, especially the time frame the money must remain deposited
  2. Open the account online or in person. If you open the account in person, check if there is a promo code you must provide the banker with to earn the bonus. Don’t assume you’ll earn it; read the instructions to ensure you meet the requirements
  3. Fund the account by linking an external bank account or making a deposit another way, such as cash or a direct deposit. Again, read the directions. Some banks require a specific number of direct deposits to earn the bonus, so be sure you have everything properly set up
  4. Satisfy any other requirements, such as making purchases with your debit card. Some bank bonuses require you to make 5 to 10 debit card purchases within a specific timeframe or have a direct deposit of a certain amount completed. Make sure you meet the timeline
  5. Receive your bonus after satisfying the requirements. Check your account within the timeframe you expect the bonus deposit. If you don’t receive it, contact the bank to determine the reason

Compare $500 Bonus Offers

It’s easy to get excited about a checking account offer and jump at the first one you see but don’t. Take your time comparing offers to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

  • Requirements: Ensure you can meet the bonus requirements, such as the minimum deposit requirements or average daily balance
  • Account fees: If the monthly fees are high, it can deplete the benefits of a bank bonus, so make sure the account is affordable and preferably has fees you can waive
  • Account features: It doesn’t make sense to open an account that doesn’t have the features you need, especially if you must keep it open for a while. Checking accounts aren’t easy to open and close, so choose an account you can use
  • Accessibility: Make sure it’s easy to access your cash or make deposits without incurring fees or causing too much work

Tips When Signing Up for New Accounts

When opening new accounts, beware of the following:

  • Who is eligible: You may have to live in a certain area or be a new bank customer to be eligible for the account
  • Interest: Bank accounts aren’t known for high-interest rates, but if you can earn interest, it might as well be the highest rate available. Look at the interest rate tiers to see what you’d earn on the account
  • Timeline: Most new account bonuses require you to keep the account for a certain amount of time, so make sure you can fulfill the requirement without causing issues with any financial goals

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Open Multiple Checking Accounts To Receive Multiple $500 Bonuses?

You may be eligible for multiple $500 checking account bonuses, but you must be able to meet the requirements, such as depositing new money in each account.

How Long Do I Need To Keep the Account Open To Receive the $500 Bonus?

Every bank has different requirements regarding how long you must keep the account open. Plan to leave the account open for 90 to 120 days to receive the bonuses.

How Soon Will I Receive the $500 Bonus After Meeting the Requirements?

Most banks pay the bonus within 30 days of satisfying the requirements, but every bank differs.

Can Existing Bank Customers Qualify for the $500 Checking Account Bonus?

Most banks only offer bonuses to new customers, but it’s always worth checking to see if a bank has opportunities for existing banks, as some might.

Are These Bonuses Available for Business Checking Accounts, or Are They for Personal Accounts Only?

Many banks offer business account checking bonuses, too. Like personal checking accounts, you must meet the requirements to receive the bonus.

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