How Tyler Mastered the Art of Bank Bonuses

Meet Tyler, a bonus enthusiast from Florida with an inspiring story to tell. Tyler found while he was researching one day and hasn’t looked back.

I was searching online to try to find bank bonuses and came across the site which seemed to have all of them listed in one place.
Tyler Bank Bonus Reader

Since then, Tyler has leveraged the platform and an A+ strategy to unlock some impressive bonuses.

The Bonuses

All in all, Tyler has received over $8,000 in bank bonuses over the years. He earned the most money in the last two years, after deciding to ramp up his efforts.

Tyler‘s most notable recent bonuses were checking account bonuses from Chase and SouthState Bank.

The noteworthy part is that I had my tax return split 50/50 and deposited into both accounts. It was a direct deposit from the government so it fulfilled the bonus requirements and I added (2) $200 bonuses to my tax return refund without needing to change my direct deposit at work. I’m pretty proud of that one.

The Process

The key to Tyler’s bank bonus success is his process for finding, applying for, and tracking offers.

Using as his primary resource, Tyler has curated a comprehensive spreadsheet where he notes all the viable bonus offers he qualifies for, then applies and fills in the details.

All of this helps me avoid fees, make sure I’m keeping track of things, and also verify I received the bonus as expected… A spreadsheet is your best friend.

He’s also careful to note the direct deposit requirements and splits his paycheck accordingly.

Tyler noted that the biggest challenges he’s faced are with meeting minimum balance requirements to avoid monthly fees for some high-level bonuses.

The Impact

Bank bonuses have proven to be a game-changer for Tyler’s finances, and he’s using the money he’s earned on some exciting purchases.

This spring, he’ll be using his bonus cash on a trip to Paris.

I also bought a new car at the end of 2023 and was able to put a large down payment on it thanks to the money I’ve earned in bonuses.

Beyond the bonuses, Tyler has benefited from his new accounts, especially when it comes to ATM access. No matter where he is, Tyler says he usually has a checking account that matches the bank providing the ATM, which is a huge convenience.

Tips for Fellow BankBonus Readers

Tyler zeroed in on a few of his biggest pieces of advice for other BankBonus readers.

First things first, if you’re nervous about getting in on the bank bonus game, Tyler encourages you to start small. In his words, $200 here and $300 over the course of several months adds up.

He also emphasized the importance of maintaining careful records and maximizing bonus opportunities through strategic planning. Last, Tyler reminded readers to be prepared for tax season:

Most bonuses usually aren’t taxed upfront so be aware that you’ll have to report these bonuses as interest income when you file taxes, which will lower your refund amount. Make sure you have around 25% of your total bonus earnings left for tax season.

Tyler’s BankBonus Review makes it easy to find all of the best account bonuses in one place. The site is updated frequently to showcase new bonus offers and having access to the site makes the process so much easier. Previously I was searching the internet on my own by typing in “checking account bonus” and seeing what came up, but simplifies that process and makes it so much more convenient.

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