How Larry is Using Bank Bonuses to Enjoy Retirement

Need some inspiration to apply for bank bonuses? Meet Larry from Rhode Island.

Since he came across BankBonus a few years ago, Larry has unlocked some stellar promotions and rewarding new accounts.

Read on to learn how he approaches bank bonuses and get some insider tips.

The Bonuses

Larry has been following BankBonus from the beginning, and over the last four years, he’s earned thousands of dollars in new account promotions.

That’s a lot of bonuses, but Larry says two have stood out among the crowd, and they were offers from Chase and Citizens Bank.

The Process

Over the last few years, Larry has fine-tuned his process for researching and applying for bank bonuses.

To start, he uses BankBonus’s filters to find current offers he’s eligible for in Rhode Island. Then, he checks out the requirements, and if they’re feasible, he determines whether the return is worth the effort. Larry considers offers that have a 20% ROI to be worth his time.

Once he applies, he tracks his account activity in a spreadsheet to ensure he meets the minimum requirements to secure the account and avoid fees.

So far, the only challenge he’s faced is that not all banks accept ACH transfers from his Fidelity account as direct deposits.

The Impact

When we asked Larry about the impact his bonuses have had on his finances, he emphasized how much the extra cash has helped boost his income to cover expenses throughout his retirement.

Beyond the bonuses, he’s discovered some excellent accounts that have added value to his wallet. And as he notes, some of these offers have even paid ongoing bonuses for making debit card purchases.

Advice for Fellow BankBonus Readers

Larry was quick to share some advice for other readers who are thinking of applying for bank bonuses.

His first piece of advice is to encourage your partner to apply for offers, too. That way, you can both enjoy the perks of a new account and earn double the bonuses.

His next piece of advice?

Use a spreadsheet to keep track of your ongoing offers and keep entries for past accounts with notes on issues you might have run into.

Larry’s BankBonus Review

I’ve been a reader for four years. BankBonus is very easy to use, I use the filters on Bank to find bonuses I am eligible for in RI. I would love a feature that can enumerate which sources are valid for ACH transfers.

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