How Nelson Found Big Promotions, High Yields, and Low Fees with BankBonus

When Nelson, a reader from Utah started searching for a new savings account with a higher yield online last year, he came across and decided to give it a shot.

Since then, he’s unlocked over $1,500 of promotions and found a new primary checking account that’s saving him hundreds of dollars in fees.

Read on to get all the details on how Nelson is using bank bonuses to boost his finances.

The Bonuses

In total, Nelson has earned $1,525 worth of bank bonuses, plus some interest on his new high-yield accounts.

One of his most memorable bonuses yet was a savings promotion from Wells Fargo that netted him $525 with relatively easy requirements.

I also very much liked the Bank of America checking account promotion I took part in—$200 for opening a new checking account and receiving a couple of direct deposits is outstanding!

The Process

Nelson is selective when it comes to deciding which bonuses to pursue. He tries to find offers that are worthwhile from the perspective of their monetary value, time, and effort.

He also makes sure not to spread himself too thin and only pursues one or two bonuses at a time.

Once he chooses an offer and applies, Nelson pins and flags any important documents or messages about his account in his inbox so he sees them daily. And if he’s ever confused about any of the account terms, he contacts the bank directly for clarification.

The Impact

According to Nelson, his newfound bank bonuses have given him more freedom to do what he enjoys than his fixed income allowed.

I now have a bit more wiggle room… to spend more on products and experiences, (especially hiking and camping retreats), which I found a bit more challenging to cover without the bonus payments I have received thus far.

Nelson is also a big fan of his new primary checking account from Bank of America. While he mainly chose it for the promotion, he anticipates his new account will save him around $40 per month in ATM fees, which he considers a bonus in and of itself.

Advice for Fellow BankBonus Readers

Nelson was kind enough to share several tips for other readers looking to pursue bank bonuses.

His first piece of advice is to read the terms and conditions of each offer carefully and make sure you meet the requirements to a T.

He also emphasized the importance of checking with the bank if you’re confused about any of the offer’s terms.

Lastly, I would encourage participants to keep very good track, possibly via spreadsheet, of which criteria they have met and which they have not.

Nelson’s BankBonus Review helped eliminate the need to search dozens of pages online when comparing offers.

Using, I was able to compare and contrast offers within minutes of each other and was able to be redirected to the signup page right then and there. I also did not have to waste my time using search engines for offers that may have already expired. Overall, very convenient!

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