How Bank Bonuses Have Boosted Dan’s Finances

In today’s success story, we’re featuring Dan, a BankBonus reader from New Jersey who’s been reaping the rewards of bank promotions and using the site to find the best offers for two years.

Since finding in a Google search for bonus offers, he’s been an avid reader and worked the site into his bonus strategy.

The Bonuses

Since he started his bank bonus journey, Dan has scored over $10,000 in bank bonuses from several financial institutions.

One of Dan’s favorite bonuses was from Albert, where he got $500 from a referral and referred two friends as well, giving him $1500 total.

Dan also reminisced about his first bank bonus when asked about his most memorable offers:

Chase Bank gave me my first bank bonus. It was the easiest $275 I’d ever made up until that point.
Dan Bank Bonus Reader

The Process

Dan has a solid system for keeping track of his bank bonuses. He starts by thoroughly researching all the bonuses available, using BankBonus and similar sites.

He evaluates the terms, preferring bonuses over $150 that don’t require excessive direct deposits.

Then, he uses a spreadsheet to track his application, recording requirements, and bonus amounts. If his bank bonus doesn’t post, Dan also follows up with the bank to make sure it’s applied correctly.

The Impact

According to Dan, bank bonuses have impacted his financial situation in several ways.

I’ve enjoyed using the funds for extra vacations, treating my girlfriend to nice dinners, and investing the extra money.

Dan’s also found a new favorite financial product through his bank bonus pursuits—cashback debit cards. While it isn’t substantial, these cards have given him an extra $10 or $20 a month with no effort on his part.

Tips for Fellow BankBonus Readers

Dan’s biggest tips for fellow BankBonus readers are to read the fine print and stay organized with a tracking system.

Always read the promo terms. Once you do it a few times, you'll be able to quickly skim them for any important info.

Dan’s BankBonus Review

10/10, BankBonus has been very helpful in my journey and maximized my earnings. It is the most up-to-date resource on bank bonuses. Most of the other websites are not up to date.

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