How Bank Bonuses Helped Rudy Take Flight to Italy

Bank bonuses can help you cover everyday expenses, but they could also be the key to exciting new adventures, like a trip to Italy.

That’s what happened to Rudy, a Connecticut reader who’s making the most of his new accounts and bonus rewards.

Read on to learn more about his bank bonus story. You might find just the inspiration you need to apply for a bonus of your own.

The Bonuses

Since he discovered BankBonus in an online search, Rudy has uncovered $3,300 in bonuses. One of his favorite promotions yet is a $525 Wells Fargo promotion he and his wife earned.

When it comes to choosing which bonuses to pursue, Rudy explains:

I look for reliability and honesty with no hidden fees or ridiculous requirements. I usually only apply to offers that are worthwhile financially and yield a greater return than leaving the funds elsewhere.

The Process

Once he’s done his due diligence to research offers on BankBonus, he follows the steps outlined to ensure he meets the requirements for the bonus and applies online.

The only challenges so far have been meeting deadlines and making sure funds are posted to his account on time.

The Impact

According to Rudy, the bonuses he and his wife have earned have affected their finances in a major way.

The funds allowed us to take a well-deserved vacation to Italy to visit my uncle whom I had never met before.

His new accounts have also granted him some convenient perks that keep on rewarding him. For example, he recently scored a bonus and a new card that offers 3% cashback every time he buys groceries and eats out.

Advice for Fellow BankBonus Readers

Rudy’s advice for other members of the BankBonus community couldn’t be simpler or more valuable:

Be patient. Be thorough. Be focused and ask questions when you don’t understand any of the offers.

Rudy’s BankBonus Review has been extremely rewarding financially to us. they have a great staff of friendly people who are always willing to help. And via their website, I learn about great promos that I would never be aware of otherwise.

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