Matt Bundrick

Matt Bundrick is a co-founder of

With two dozen cards in his wallet (okay, not all at the same time), Matt has mastered the art of optimizing credit card benefits, and has used this knowledge to personally earn tens of thousands in sign up bonuses, fly his family first-class internationally for "free" by hacking reward miles and points, and pocketed countless other perks.

What started as a personal hobby has turned into legit expertise that Matt passionately shares with others:

• He's been featured in reputable publications such as Bankrate, U.S. News and TIME, where he's divulged valuable tips on leveraging credit card rewards and bonuses.

• He proudly runs the largest community of Delta Reserve and Amex Platinum cardholders, uniting the 50,000 enthusiasts in a shared mission to understand and maximize their cards' perks.

• He tirelessly monitors the world of bank promotions, and personally keeps up to date with the latest and best offers.

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