How Tangela Found Financial Relief & Ongoing Rewards through BankBonus

In this week’s success story, we’re excited to introduce you to Tangela, a North Carolina reader whose recent discovery of bank bonuses has given her finances a boost.

Since discovering in a Google search, she’s unlocked some awesome promotions and new account features that’ll keep on rewarding her long after her bonuses are gone.

The Bonuses

So far, Tangela has earned $800 in bank bonuses. According to her, two of the most memorable offers were from Chase.

I got two bonuses from Chase Bank. One was for $200 for getting a credit card, and the other was $300 for opening a checking account and receiving a direct deposit.

The Process

When it comes to choosing which offers to pursue, Tangela starts by looking for ones that don’t require direct deposits. She also prioritizes bonuses that have quicker payout times.

Then, she makes sure to space out her applications to avoid opening too many accounts at once and to ensure she can meet all the minimum requirements.

To date, Tangela hasn’t faced any challenges with her bank bonus applications since she’s careful to read the fine print before applying.

The Impact

Tangela’s bank bonuses have been a huge source of relief when finances got tight:

She explains,

At my job, work had gotten slow so they decreased everyone's hours. If I hadn't come across your blog about bank bonuses, I would have been behind in bills and stressed trying to scramble to get the money somehow.

Beyond the bonuses, her new accounts have also provided her with some features she loves. One of those perks is the cashback on her credit card, which has allowed her to keep earning rewards with her account in the long run.

Tips for Fellow BankBonus Readers

Tangela’s advice for other BankBonus readers is simple:

Make sure you read all the requirements and go for the largest offers first.

Tangela’s BankBonus Review

One of the best experiences I have had with this type of blog or site. The information is very valuable, giving me all the details and requirements for each offer. I was able to tell which ones were best for me. I thank you very much for having a blog that gives people the ability to make some extra cash.

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