How BankBonus Helped Alex Score Better Account Features

Alex has been a BankBonus reader for six months, and in that short amount of time, she’s become a pro at finding new accounts that level up her finances with bonuses that boost her wallet.

Unhappy with her savings account’s low interest rates, Alex stumbled on while she was searching for new account offers.

Not only did she find the perfect high-yield savings account for her needs, but also a lucrative new hobby that’s earned her $1,250. Here’s how she did it.

The Bonuses

One of Alex’s standout bonuses was the $200 Discover bonus she received for opening a new savings account. According to Alex, this offer is her most memorable because of the bonus and the stellar new account features she unlocked.

“Another noteworthy offer is the $325 Wells Fargo bonus I got for opening a new checking account—I was able to get a great bonus for performing checking activities I had been doing for years with a different bank.”

The Process

Alex has a precise approach to pursuing bank bonuses that starts with research:

I make sure to read through the requirements both on and the bank website itself so I can confirm everything matches up.

Like any good bank bonus enthusiast would, she then tracks all of her offers in a spreadsheet and makes sure to check all the boxes to secure her bonuses.

So far, Alex says she hasn’t faced any obstacles in her bank bonus journey so far, crediting that to her process of meticulously reading the terms and conditions of each offer and tracking her progress in a spreadsheet.

The Impact

While Alex says the impact of her bank bonuses hasn’t been life-altering, it has provided her with additional financial flexibility.

The amount I’ve earned has equaled nearly two months of rent payments. With that extra money on hand, I’ve been able to afford going out with friends a bit more often and indulging in activities I enjoy.

Alex also emphasized how much the accounts themselves have benefitted her. The biggest features she’s enjoyed are:

  • Higher interest rates
  • Free ATM access
  • Accessible customer service
  • Quick online transfers

Tips for Fellow BankBonus Readers

Drawing from her experience, Alex has some practical advice for fellow readers:

  • Trust the offers on BankBonus, even if they seem too good to be true, they are legitimate.
  • Keep track of offer terms and deadlines to secure your bonuses using the bank bonus tracker template.
  • Reach out to institutions if you have any questions before opening an account.

Alex’s BankBonus Review

“I cannot thank enough for what it has helped me accomplish from a financial perspective. I no longer have to earn measly interest rates on my savings account balance, and I no longer have to settle for subpar service when it comes to my everyday banking needs.

The site is very engaging and makes me want to return to it regularly to see what other opportunities I could participate in. I would undoubtedly give it two thumbs up and would recommend anyone interested in improving their financial outlook.”

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