How Bank Bonuses Are Helping Nathan Reach Financial Freedom

Sometimes, bank bonuses can impact your finances in a powerful way. That’s certainly the case with Nathan, a Virginia reader who’s used BankBonus content to level up his finances over the past year.

I discovered as I was searching for an easy way to find quality, state-specific bank bonuses in one place.
Nathan Bank Bonus Reader

The Bonuses

Since starting his bank bonus pursuits, Nathan has unlocked nearly $6,000 in promotions.

He recalls two of the most memorable checking account bonuses he’s received being a Truist bonus and a Citizens Bank bonus, both of which paid $400.

When he’s considering bonuses, Nathan prioritizes offers where the requirements are easy to meet and the bonus is big. ​

I also like the bonuses that are based on direct deposit because through my work I can easily split and change my bank accounts however and as often as I want. That flexibility makes these bonuses based on direct deposits an incredibly easy form of passive income to earn.

Additionally, Nathan favors bonuses that allow both him and his wife to apply rather than limiting bonuses to one per household so they can double the financial impact of their efforts.

The Process

Nathan has fine-tuned his process for securing bank bonuses over time, and it all starts with a spreadsheet.

To keep all of the details straight, he includes the bonus amount, estimated receipt date, and how he’s progressing toward fulfilling the offer requirements.

He also double-checks to ensure the institutions are FDIC or NCUA insured, especially if it’s a bank he’s less familiar with.

Then, he checks the bank’s bonus page to read the terms and conditions and makes sure he has enough untied funds to meet the bonus’s direct deposit requirements.

He also makes sure to choose an account where he can avoid monthly maintenance and early account termination fees that might cut into his bonus earnings.

Additionally, he explains;

I only set up accounts that allow for an easy means to transfer funds from one account to another, typically using Zelle. That way I can easily move money from my bonus accounts to my main bank account where all of my autopay bills come out.

The Impact

For Nathan and his wife, bank bonuses have been a game-changer, significantly contributing to their journey to financial freedom.

These bonuses played a crucial role in covering medical expenses during his wife’s pregnancy, alleviating potential debt and helping them achieve their financial goals.

Looking ahead, he notes;

Now, we are closing in on paying off all of our non-mortgage debt (credit cards, car loans, and student loans), and our further earnings will help us cross the finish line!

Tips for Fellow BankBonus Readers

Nathan has a few simple tips for other BankBonus readers:

  • Use spreadsheets to keep track of all your bonuses.
  • Plan ahead to avoid unexpected tax bills by setting aside extra withholdings from your bonus earnings.
  • Thoroughly review bonus terms and conditions to stay on top of requirements.

Nathan’s BankBonus Review

“​​I like how highlights the bonus requirements at a glance for each bank bonus. Once I narrow in on the bonus(es) that are most promising, then I go to the actual bank’s site and read up on the terms and conditions to confirm I can earn it. Thanks to I have been fully aware of the requirements and met them for each bank account I have been approved for.”

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