How BankBonus Helped Give Joshua’s Finances a Lift

Meet Joshua, a reader from Illinois who discovered through a Google search in February 2022.

Since then, he’s earned some impressive bank bonuses, leveraging his company’s direct deposit system to maximize his earnings.

Read on to learn how Joshua uses the site to make the most of bank bonuses.

The Bonuses

To date, Joshua has earned over $6,000 in bank bonuses, with some standing out as favorites.

One of Joshua’s most noteworthy bonuses was a Citi promotion, which rewarded him with 60,000 American Airlines miles for using a debit card to spend $1,500.

Joshua noted that he prioritizes bonus offers accounts with direct deposit requirements that have minimal balance and maintenance fee requirements.

The Process

For Joshua, scoring bonuses primarily involves meeting direct deposit requirements.

Most of my bonuses are secured by using direct deposit requirements. My company allows for direct deposit to up to four banks so I have been able to use my paycheck to stretch my bonus opportunities.
Joshua Bank Bonus Reader

For the most part, getting bonuses has been an easy process for Joshua, though he notes that he has had to contact customer service representatives from time to time to close an account.

The Impact

According to Joshua, his bank bonuses have had a significant impact on his finances, giving him more spending money.

I have used bonus funds to pay for a lot of discretionary expenses like vacations and going to restaurants.

What’s more, he’s found a lot of value in his new account features, especially his Schwab account, which gives him global ATM reimbursements when he uses his debit card.

Tips for Fellow BankBonus Readers

Joshua’s advice for other BankBonus readers considering applying for bonuses is simple:

Stay organized, automate, and focus on bonuses that have simple requirements.

Joshua’s BankBonus Review’s main advantage over similar sites is the detailed explanation of the fine print of these offers. This has been very helpful in me being able to meet the requirements while avoiding fees. And the filter by region tool has been helpful in finding offers in my area.

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