How Bank Bonuses Paved the Way for Nicholas’ Vacation

Meet Nicholas, a reader from Arkansas who embarked on an impressive bank bonus journey over the last year.

After seeing mentioned in a forum one day, Nicholas decided to check it out for himself.

Since then, he’s been an avid reader and has unlocked over $1,500 of bank bonuses he plans to put to good use on vacation this summer.

The Bonuses

Since discovering BankBonus, Nicholas has earned some awesome bonuses and found new accounts he loves.

“The site made it really easy to find the best bonuses from major banks like Chase as well as smaller banks in my area like Regions. I like that I get paid to try out new banks without affecting my credit report or having to deal with complex requirements.”

In his opinion, bank account bonuses are “quite a bit better” than credit card signup bonuses.

The Process

Nicholas has an efficient approach to securing bonuses. He carefully reviews the bank accounts listed on, applies online, and sets reminders for requirements and bonus arrival dates to stay on track.

In addition to comparing accounts, Nicholas writes down the dollar amounts and considers the ease of meeting requirements.

Nicholas also notes that he’s been able to open his accounts and receive his bonuses online without having to visit a branch.

The Impact

For Nicholas, it isn’t all about the bonuses. One of the most rewarding parts of his journey has been discovering bank accounts that have enhanced his financial life:

I like trying out new banks to see which ones I like best. I ended up switching my primary checking and savings accounts to a local bank that I discovered because of a bonus.
Nicholas Bank Bonus Reader

That being said, the bonuses are a sweet reward, and Nicholas plans to put his newfound earnings into a big vacation in May.

Tips for Fellow BankBonus Readers

Nicholas’ advice to other members of the BankBonus community is simple—don’t be afraid to try applying for bonuses! As he explains,

All of the banks listed on are reputable, so there's not really a downside.

Nicholas’ BankBonus Review

“I love the tools for filtering the list of bonuses to exactly what I want to apply for; it’s awesome that I can select my state to eliminate every bonus that may not work out because of my location. This site also seems to have more bonuses listed than any other.”

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    In 2023 I was able to collect over $4,100 in various bonuses. I and my wife both open accounts where there is no household limit. I relied on Bank Bonus for many of these. I especially like the filtering feature. I live in RI which does not offer as many opportunities as other states. The filtering feature saves me a lot of time that would be wasted in looking at Bonuses not available in my state. I also use one other site specifically because they offer a page that details what counts as a direct deposit to all the banks they promote. This is a feature that would be great to add to BankBonus.