How Wayne’s Bank Bonuses Turned into a $1,600 Hobby

Meet Wayne, a BankBonus reader from California who, along with his wife, has mastered the art of turning bank bonuses into a rewarding financial hobby.

After discovering in a NerdWallet article one day, Wayne hasn’t looked back:

I've been following Bank Bonus for about two years now. I had accumulated a little extra cash and the basic bank interest rates weren't cutting it for me. I wanted to take my money out for a ride. was just the vehicle.
Wayne Bank Bonus Reader

The Bonuses

Wayne’s bank bonus journey kicked off with a $100 promotion from Discover® Bank, which he and his wife both applied for. Once he’d checked the boxes and secured the bonus, he continued to selectively apply for the offers that caught his eye and met his financial needs.

When it comes to choosing bonuses, Wayne tends to look for offers with lower initial deposits and limited direct deposit requirements.

All in all, Wayne and his wife have netted $1,600 in bank bonuses over the last couple of years, an amount they plan to build on in the future.

The Process

Like most of our readers who’ve succeeded in their bank bonus side hustle, Wayne has honed his strategy.

Once a week, he hops onto BankBonus to review available bonuses.

Once I find an offer with potential, I carefully review all of the terms and then evaluate the degree of difficulty for the bonus.

Wayne’s thorough approach ensures he chooses bonuses with high potential, maximizing his returns.

In Wayne’s eyes, the most challenging part of the process usually comes with the initial setup of the accounts, when he has to connect a previous account to make a deposit.

The Impact

There are plenty of reasons why people pursue bank bonuses, from funding vacations to increasing their spending money or boosting their retirement contributions.

For Wayne, it’s about saving money for a rainy day. In his words, “I’ve been using the same few dollars to grow my nest egg.”

He also hopes that soon, he’ll be able to use just his bonus money to open new accounts and keep his bank bonus game going.

Tips for Fellow BankBonus Readers

After two years of successfully navigating bank bonuses, Wayne has an expert take to share with fellow BankBonus readers:

Read the terms carefully and don't tie up your money for too long.

His other tip is not to hesitate to apply for bonuses if you’re considering getting started.

Wayne’s story is proof that with careful consideration and a strategic approach, anyone can turn bank bonuses into a fun and rewarding venture.

Looking Ahead

Wayne sees his bank bonus endeavors as more than just a financial strategy—it’s a hobby.

Looking ahead, he plans to keep the momentum going, exploring new opportunities and enjoying the excitement of earning what he considers the easiest money he’s ever made.

Wayne’s BankBonus Review

“ keeps me up to date with offers, and I get to see the most similar offers side-by-side. There isn’t a lot of free money out in the world, but this is about the easiest money I’ve ever earned…If you’re reading this, don’t hesitate. Join in!”

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