How Bank Bonuses Changed the Game for Avi

Meet Avi, a 22-year-old reader from Michigan who’s made the most of bank bonuses over the last few years.

Avi is an OG follower of, who joined the community early on after finding it on Reddit.

Since discovering the site, Avi has earned an impressive $5,000 in bank bonuses.

The Bonuses

Avi’s bank bonus journey has included a variety of offers, ranging from $500 Ally bank bonuses to smaller bonuses from Discover Bank and UFB Direct.

Each bonus contributed to Avi’s growing financial portfolio, providing him with extra cash to put to use.

Bank bonuses have had a tremendously positive impact on my financial situation. It has allowed me to put more money away for long-term investments and savings.
Avi Bank Bonus Reader

The Process

Avi keeps track of his bank accounts and bonus requirements using an organized Google Sheet.

While the process might seem daunting, Avi emphasized that it’s key to managing multiple accounts and direct deposits efficiently.

Additionally, Avi notes,

Most people think updating your direct deposit information with your employer to be an ordeal. However, most companies offer an online portal to manage pay, and details can be updated there without having to bother anyone.

The Impact

As Avi explained, his bank bonus hobby has provided him with more money to stash in his savings and investment accounts for long-term growth.

But beyond the financial incentives, it’s also provided him with some rewarding new accounts.

He found Ally’s Robo Investor platform to be an especially valuable account, giving him access to automated investing at a minimal cost that’s “easily worth it.”

Tips for Fellow BankBonus Readers

Avi has a few pieces of advice for other BankBonus readers. The first one—go for it!

He considers bank bonuses to be an easy, no-brainer way to make extra cash and improve your finances.

My parting advice would be not to feel intimidated by creating these accounts. As long as you stay organized, you'll be fine. Oh, and don't forget you gotta pay taxes on that moola!

Avi’s BankBonus Review

Avi bank bonus success story 06

“BankBonus’s filters allow me to quickly view bonuses I’m personally eligible for and interested in completing. It makes sorting through the hundreds of offers a LOT more digestible.”

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