How Took Jared’s Financial Hobby to the Next Level

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Jared*, a BankBonus reader from Illinois who’s used the accounts and bonuses he discovered on the site to upgrade his and his wife’s finances.

Jared earned his first bank bonus a few years ago after stumbling on an offer from a local bank, leading him to search online for other offers. But once he came across, his days of Googling for offers were behind him.

Pursuing checking account bonuses has become a fun and financially rewarding hobby of mine, with a lot of help from!
Jared Bank Bonus Reader

The Bonuses

Over the years, Jared and his wife have earned over $10,000 in bonuses. It all started with a local bank’s offer for a $500 combination checking and savings account bonus for himself and his wife.

Intrigued by the potential, he started actively seeking more bonus opportunities. His research led him to, where he’s been able to unlock bonuses ranging from $150-$500 each.

The Process

While Jared describes applying for bank bonuses as a hobby, he acknowledges the time and effort it takes. Managing multiple accounts, tracking bonus requirements, and ensuring compliance can be demanding tasks.

Despite occasional hurdles, Jared has a system in place to make the process easier:

When I find a bonus I'd like to pursue, I track all the pertinent details in a systematic way and calendarize the direct deposits so I maximize my bonus opportunities… My employer has a payroll system that allows me to switch banks easily, so that helps.

The Impact

Jared’s bank bonus hobby has given him and his wife a nice financial boost, without any real drawbacks.

Chasing checking account bonuses has been a fun way to earn extra pocket money with no risk.

Along with the obvious benefit of the bonuses, pursuing these offers has allowed Jared to explore a number of banks, getting experience with their customer service and comparing their accounts and features firsthand.

When weighing the benefits of an offer, Jared does remind readers that bank bonuses are taxable, something you should keep in mind when deciding if a bonus is worth the time. He usually chooses bonuses that are at least $150.

Tips for Fellow BankBonus Readers

Jared had some more solid advice for other BankBonus readers who are contemplating applying for bank bonuses:

Create a system to organize yourself and stick to it. Follow the fine print religiously.

Jared’s BankBonus Review

“ is my favorite site to look for new bonus programs. It is easy to use, and I love how it identifies only the bonuses that apply in my state. I used to use a different website that didn’t allow filtering by state and didn’t keep info updated, and I don’t use that anymore. I also appreciate receiving an email each weekend with recommendations, which reminds me to check out the site. Thank you, BankBonus, for your consistent help identifying checking account bonus programs!”

*To respect their request to remain anonymous, the individual’s name in this success story has been changed to a fictional name.

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