How Ben Scored $1,000 in Bank Bonuses Last Year

Today, we’re excited to share how Ben*, one of our readers from California, has leveraged BankBonus content to earn $1,000 in bank promotions over the past year.

Ben happened across one day after deciding to open a new bank account. A quick Google search for new bank account promotions led him to the site.

I visited the site, and after I discovered how informative it was, I had no need to visit other sites, and that fact has stood to this day.
Ben Bank Bonus Reader

The Bonuses

The first bank bonus offer that caught Ben’s eye was a U.S. Bank promotion for opening a new checking account. After following the steps listed to secure the $500 bonus, Ben proceeded to open two more accounts with promotions.

Here’s a breakdown of the accounts Ben opened and the bonuses he scored in the last year, which came to a grand total of $1,000:

Ben's Bank Bonus Success Story
Ben's Bank Bonus Success Story

According to Ben, what caught his attention the most about the offers he selected were the generous bonus amounts and the fact that the banks had branches close to his home.

The Process

To lock in his bonuses, Ben carefully read the instructions on, and then executed the steps required to earn the bonus, like waiting for the appropriate amount of time and making qualifying deposits.

He preferred to open his accounts and apply for the bonuses in person. Each time, bank representatives were able to confirm the details of the offer he was about to sign up for.

Ben also started to keep records of his new accounts and bonus requirements, explaining,

I like having a spreadsheet where I keep track of all of the criteria that needs to be met.

So far, Ben says he hasn’t faced any challenges or obstacles in finding offers on the site or taking the steps required to earn the bonuses with the banks themselves.

The Impact

According to Ben, his recent discovery of bank bonuses has affected more than his account balance.

In addition to the bonuses that he’s earned using information on the site—which he notes are fantastic in their own right—he’s also learned a lot about what financial features and account offerings are available on the market.

Now I understand that I don’t have to limit myself to just one financial institution for all of my banking needs. Instead, I’ve realized that it’s actually beneficial to spread financial matters across several institutions to attain the rewards each one has to offer.

Additionally, Ben notes that his new accounts have given him access to more ATMs, eliminated unnecessary fees, (e.g. paper statements and excessive monthly withdrawals), and provided him with branch access on the weekends, which he didn’t have in the past.

Tips for Fellow BankBonus Readers

Ben shared a few tips with us to help readers who may be considering giving bank bonuses a try, one of which is to take advantage of all that BankBonus has to offer.

In his words, “Not only does BankBonus offer the user the opportunity to earn great cash bonuses, but it also helps you learn more about what financial offerings are available in a general sense, i.e. no fee statements, no fee ATM usage, more ATM access, weekend branch access, etc.”

Ben’s Biggest Piece of Advice?

I would suggest that readers really take some time out of their day to research which offerings suit their needs best. I would also suggest that they don’t hesitate to try out new accounts every once in a while, as they may realize how convenient they are after giving them a try.

Looking Ahead

Now that Ben understands the ins and outs of bank bonuses and has a few promotions under his belt, he’s optimistic about applying for more:

I am very likely to pursue more bonuses when I find an offer that piques my interest and that I find worthwhile, and I will be sure to use in the near and far future for this purpose.

Ben’s Bank Bonus Review

“ did—and still does to this day— help me compare bonus offers efficiently by consolidating offers all on the same site, filtering offers I’m eligible for, and highlighting offers from some of the most well-known and reputable banks and credit unions.

I honestly can’t think of many more ways in which could be more helpful in obtaining bonuses. The site explains the terms and conditions of the offer, how long the criteria will take to meet, and how long the offers will be available.

And it has direct links to the banks’ and credit unions’ promotional pages such that we know where exactly to apply and find the terms and conditions of the promotion, in writing, from the bank or credit union directly.”

*To respect their request to remain anonymous, the individual’s name in this success story has been changed to a fictional name.

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