$300 Credit Card Bonus Offers for February 2024

Getting a $300 credit card bonus offer is a great way to get some free money while not dealing with strict qualifying requirements.

Credit cards offering a $300 bonus have lower spending requirements and usually much lower annual fees than credit cards with higher balances.

Here’s what to expect.

Best $300 Credit Card Bonuses for February 2024

Find our round-up of the top banks offering $300 credit card bonuses below.

1. Capital One Savor Cash Rewards

  • Annual fee: $95
  • Bonus Offer: $300

The Capital One Savor Cash Rewards card offers a $300 credit card bonus that’s easy to achieve, and the card is rewarding for everyday spending.

The Savor Cash Rewards card pays 4% cash back on dining, entertainment, and streaming services, making it a good card for everyday spending. It also pays 3% back at grocery stores and 1% on everything else.

New cardholders can earn $300 by spending $3,000 in the first three months.

Additional benefits include:

  • Earn 10% back on Uber or Uber Eats through November 14, 2024, plus get an Uber or Uber Eats membership for free
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Extended warranty on eligible items
  • Travel accident insurance
  • 24/7 concierge service
  • Shop with rewards on Amazon, Bestbuy.com, or through PayPal
  • Access to Capital One Travel for exclusive travel deals

2. American Express Blue Cash Preferred®

  • Annual fee: $0
  • Bonus Offer: $250

The American Express Blue Cash Preferred® card pays a high 6% back at U.S. supermarkets for up to $6,000 annually (then 1%). Cardholders also earn 6% on U.S. streaming subscriptions, 3% on transit and at U.S. gas stations, and 1% back on all other purchases.

New cardholders can earn a $250 statement credit after spending $3,000 on purchases in the first six months. New cardholders also have access to a 0% APR on purchases for the first year (then 19.24% – 29.99% variable) and $0 buy now pay later fees on plans started within 12 months of opening the card.

Additional benefits include:

  • $7 back monthly for Disney+ subscription paid with your American Express
  • $10 back monthly for an Equinox membership paid with your American Express
  • Access to Plan It®, a fixed payment plan that allows you to spread payments out for a fixed fee (no interest)
  • Exclusive American Express offers
  • Car rental insurance for loss or damage
  • Emergency travel assistance and referrals
  • Return protection for up to 90 days on items up to $300, allowing you to return unwanted items to American Express if the retailer doesn’t accept them
  • Exclusive access to American Express experiences

3. Chase Freedom Unlimited®

  • Annual fee: $0
  • Bonus Offer: $200

The Chase Freedom Unlimited® credit card offers more ways to earn cashback than just travel, and it doesn’t have an annual fee. Cardholders can earn 3% on dining and drugstore purchases and 1.5% on other purchases.

Of course, it has travel rewards, too, but only if you book through the Chase Travel portal. If you do, you’ll earn 5x points on your travel expenses.

As a welcome bonus, new cardholders earn $200 when they spend $500 in the first three months. This is a much lower threshold than most other cards, so it’s easier to manage. However, the card also pays 5% back on gas and grocery store purchases (combined) up to $12,000 in the first year.

Additional benefits include:

  • 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for 15 months
  • Break up large purchases (over $100) into equal installments without interest but paying a fixed fee
  • Purchase protection for 120 days on new purchases, protecting from theft and damage
  • Extended warranty for one year
  • Trip protection, including trip cancellation, interruption, and a waiver for auto rental collision damage
  • Free credit score with Chase Credit Journey®

4. Capital One Venture Rewards

  • Annual fee: $95
  • Bonus Offer: 75,000 bonus miles

The Capital One Venture Rewards credit card pays 2x miles on all purchases with no limit, which is a great way to take care of everyday expenses and get rewarded for it.

In addition, if you travel often, you can earn 5x unlimited miles for hotels and rental cars; however, you must book through the Capital One travel service.

New cardholders earn 75,000 bonus miles if they spend $4,000 on purchases in the first three months.

Additional benefits include:

  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Use your points to book a trip using Capital One travel services or get reimbursed for previous travel spending if you booked outside of Capital One
  • Up to $100 credit for TSA PreCheck® or Global Entry
  • Travel protections, such as a waiver for auto rental collision damage and travel accident insurance
  • Shop online with your points at stores like Amazon, Bestbuy.com, or via PayPal
  • Transfer miles to travel partners
  • Access to Capital One airport lounges or partner airport lounges
  • Extended warranty

5. Chase Sapphire Preferred®

  • Annual fee: $95
  • Bonus Offer: 60,000 bonus points

The Chase Sapphire Preferred® credit card is for people who love to travel and eat out, as you earn the largest rewards with these two expenses.

The Chase Sapphire Preferred® card pays 5x points on travel booked through the Chase Ultimate Rewards and 3x points on dining in restaurants, takeout, and delivery. If you book travel through other services (not Chase), you earn 2x points.

You can also earn 3x points on online grocery orders and 3x points on certain streaming services.

All other purchases earn 1x points, which is low for everyday purchases, so you may want to reserve the card for travel and dining expenses only.

The Chase Sapphire Preferred® credit card earns more than a $300 credit card bonus. It pays 60,000 bonus points or $750 worth of travel when booked through the Chase travel portal. You must spend at least $4,000 on purchases in the first three months you have the card to earn the bonus.

Additional benefits include:

  • $200 in partner value, such as a free year of DoorDash Dashpass (must be activated by December 31, 2024), a six-month Instacart membership, and a complimentary 4th night at Ennismore hotel properties
  • Trip coverage, including trip cancellation or interruption, auto rental collision coverage, baggage delay, travel, and emergency assistant services
  • Purchase protection for 120 days against damage and theft and extended warranty protection
  • Break up purchases over $100 with My Chase Plan®, making equal installment payments for no interest, just a fixed fee
  • 24/7 customer service
  • No foreign transaction fees

6. Wells Fargo Autograph℠

  • Annual fee: $0
  • Bonus Offer: 30,000 points

The Wells Fargo Autograph℠ card offers 3x points on many categories, making it a great card to have on hand. With no annual fee, keeping this card in your wallet is a no-brainer.

Cardholders earn 3x points on restaurants, take out, travel, gas station purchases, transit and parking, streaming services, and phone plans. In addition, the Wells Fargo Autograph℠ card pays 1x on all other purchases.

As a welcome bonus, Wells Fargo pays 30,000 points if you spend $1,500 in the first three months. This is a lower threshold than most cards on the list, so it’s a good option for those who don’t like to spend a lot on credit cards. Plus, new cardholders get a promotional APR of 0% for 12 months.

Additional benefits include:

  • Cell phone protection up to $600 if you use your Wells Fargo card to pay your cell phone bill
  • Rental car coverage for theft or damage
  • 24/7 roadside dispatch
  • Travel emergency services to provide referrals while traveling
  • Access to My Wells Fargo Deals, personalized deals
  • Access to Credit Close-Up℠ to help improve and maintain your credit score

What Is a $300 Credit Card Bonus?

A $300 credit card bonus is money a credit card company pays new cardholders if they meet certain thresholds. The requirements to earn the bonus usually require you to spend a certain amount. If you meet the requirements, the credit card company will give you a statement credit equal to $300.

Why Do Credit Cards Give a $300 Bonus?

A $300 bonus is nothing to credit card companies, and it allows them to get more customers. By offering a bonus, credit card companies bring in more business to grow their clientele and earn more profits.

How Do Banks Benefit From Providing These Incentives to Customers?

Banks benefit from providing incentives to customers by getting more credit card applications. Customers look not only at the benefits a card offers long-term but also what they can get for opening a new card.

When banks get new credit card customers, these same customers may spend more money on other services, making the bank higher profits.

What Can the $300 Welcome Bonus Be Redeemed For?

Most credit card companies allow you to use the credit card reward however you want. Some people take it as a statement credit; others use the points to get a gift card or book travel.

Some credit card companies, like Chase and Capital One, have travel companies within the credit card company. The points are often worth more if you redeem your bonus through their travel portal.

How To Qualify for a $300 Credit Card Bonus: 5 Steps

Qualifying for a $300 credit card bonus is simple with these steps:

  1. Find the perfect credit card that has the benefits you will use and allows you to earn the most rewards
  2. Apply for the credit card, and pay close attention to the requirements to earn the $300 credit card bonus
  3. Once approved, use the credit card for new purchases in the amount required to earn the bonus
  4. Pay your bill on time and keep your credit card in good standing
  5. Earn your bonus and use it how you want

Considerations When Applying

When applying for credit card bonuses, be sure to look at the big picture. A $300 credit card bonus is free money, but it’s not worth it if you don’t consider the following:

  • APR: Knowing the card’s interest rate is important if you carry a balance. Look for a card with a 0% intro APR or a low ongoing interest rate to keep costs low
  • Annual fee: Many credit cards have no or low annual fees, but not all do. Pay attention to the card’s cost and make sure it makes sense given the potential rewards
  • Required spending: Don’t accept a credit card bonus that requires excessive spending that you don’t normally do and can’t afford; a credit card balance isn’t worth a $300 bonus

Pros and Cons

You might wonder if chasing credit card rewards is worth it, especially if it’s only $300. Here are the pros and cons to consider.


  • You can get free money if you meet the credit card company’s requirements
  • Many credit cards have other bonuses and benefits besides the welcome bonus
  • Your credit score may increase if you have good payment habits with your new credit card


  • You might spend money you don’t normally spend just to get the $300 credit card bonus
  • If you can’t pay your balance off in full, you’ll incur interest charges
  • You could hurt your credit if you don’t keep up with your payments or you carry a large balance

Tips and Strategies To Maximize Your $300 Credit Card Bonus

To make the most of your chance to earn a $300 credit card bonus, consider these tips:

  • Ensure the spending requirements are within the limits you normally spend
  • Consider the card’s cash-back bonuses and determine if they are within the categories you normally spend money
  • Don’t open a new credit card for the bonus and carry a balance; the interest charges will eat up the $300 bonus
  • Take advantage of all the benefits the credit card has, including travel benefits, free subscriptions, and statement credits
  • Keep your balance as low as possible to avoid excessive interest charges

Frequently Asked Questions

Earning a $300 credit card bonus is a nice way to earn a little free money. Here are some common questions people have about them.

How Are Credit Card Bonuses Taxed?

The good news is unlike bank bonuses, you don’t owe taxes on credit card bonuses! The IRS doesn’t consider them income since you usually have to spend money to earn the bonus. Instead, they consider it a rebate, and those aren’t taxable.

How Can I Redeem the $300 Bonus, and Are There Any Specific Requirements?

Most credit card companies don’t have specific requirements for redeeming a $300 credit card bonus. However, some companies, like Chase and Capital One, give an extra bonus if you redeem your points through their travel portal.

Can I Apply for More Than One of These Credit Cards With $300 Bonuses?

You are free to apply for as many credit cards with $300 bonuses as you want, but we don’t recommend applying for more than one at a time. It’s best to space out your applications so you don’t get in over your head in debt or hurt your credit score.

How Does Applying for Multiple Credit Cards or Managing Them Affect My Credit Score?

Credit cards can increase your credit score but can also hurt it. It could hurt your credit if you carry high balances, make payments late, or have too many cards to handle. On the other hand, if you use your credit cards correctly and make your payments on time, your credit score may increase.

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