Best Banks in New Hampshire 2023

Looking for a bank in New Hampshire? You’re in luck! Whether you need a new credit card, checking account, or business banking, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

New Hampshire has many financial institutions, including some of the largest banks and credit unions.

Whether you’re in Manchester, Nashua, or Massachusetts, you’re likely to find financial services to suit your needs.

In this article, we’ll review the best banks in the state of New Hampshire, including their best features, bank accounts, minimum balances, annual percentage yield (APY), and monthly maintenance fees.

8 Best Banks & Credit Unions in New Hampshire

Here are the top banks and credit unions in New Hampshire you can open an account with today:

  1. Bank of America
  2. Citizens Bank
  3. TD Bank
  4. Capital One
  5. Bank of New Hampshire
  6. M&T Bank
  7. Enterprise Bank
  8. Digital Federal Credit Union

1. Bank of America “Bank

Bank of America is a national bank with branches in 50 states across the U.S.

Large banks like Bank of America have many advantages, such as a wide range of services, plenty of branch locations, and an extensive ATM network.

Opening an account online is super easy, with three checking accounts. Many accounts have fees, but they’re relatively easy to waive.

Like all reputable financial organizations, Bank of America is member-FDIC, so your money is protected (up to $250,000).

Bank of America has 20+ branches in various New Hampshire locations, so it’s a great bank to choose if you want to be able to visit a branch.

You can also complete most banking transactions without visiting a branch. Bank of America offers mobile banking with a highly-rated mobile app for Android and Apple devices.

Bank of America could offer higher APY on savings accounts — but it does have many bonuses and promotions, which are great for new customers.


  • Wide ATM and branch network
  • A wide range of products
  • Easy to waive monthly maintenance fees
  • Offers a highly-rated mobile app


  • APY rates could be higher on savings accounts

2. Citizens Bank Citizens bank Logo

Citizens Bank is smaller than U.S. Bank overall but has more branches in New Hampshire.

The bank operates over 1,000 branches in 11 states across the U.S., with over 50 branch locations in New Hampshire.

The bank has a range of deposit accounts — from checking to savings bank accounts, as well as many other financial services.

Small businesses will also find plenty of financial products and services aimed at businesses, such as checking accounts, debit and ATM cards, business overdrafts, online banking, and more.

Citizens Bank also has three length options for certificates of deposit (CDs) — 14-month, 10-month, and 25-month. The APY offered could be better compared to some other banks, but the different term lengths offer some flexibility.


  • Many bank branches in New Hampshire
  • Easy to waive fees


  • High overdraft fee ($35)
  • Low APY on certificates on deposit

3. TD Bank TD bank Logo

TD Bank is another national bank with a presence in New Hampshire. Known as America’s most convenient bank, TD Bank has over 1,300 bank locations in 16 states.

When it comes to New Hampshire, the bank has 56 bank branches and ATMs in 44 New Hampshire cities and towns, which is fantastic if you value in-person banking.

TD Bank offers a wide range of banking services, from basic checking to money market accounts.

TD Bank’s maintenance fees range from $5 to $25, but you can avoid most fees. The bank has a relatively large overdraft fee ($35), which the bank may charge up to 5 times daily.

The bank’s online banking comes with 24/7 access to accounts, plus money transfers with Zelle, online bill pay, and more.

The bank generally gets great customer service reviews, so you can know you’ll be in good hands.


  • Extensive branch network in New Hampshire
  • Great customer reviews
  • Highly-rated mobile app


  • High overdraft fee ($35) the bank may charge up to 5x a day

4. Capital One Capital One Logo

Capital One is another excellent option in New Hampshire if you prefer banking with a national bank.

As the fifth-largest consumer bank in the U.S., Capital One offers a great range of products and services.

The bank has over 70,000 across the U.S. and many ATM locations in New Hampshire. Based on the branch location map, there appear to be no bank branches in New Hampshire.

Capital One’s 360 Checking account is the basic bank account, offering great mobile banking on the bank’s app and features like bill pay, money transfers, and mobile check deposits. You can open a bank account online in minutes. You can also quickly transfer and receive money via Zelle.

One of the strongest advantages of Capital One is the bank’s competitive APY savings account rates. Right now, you can earn 3.30% APY with Capital One’s 360 Performance Savings Account — a top-tier interest rate.


  • Competitive interest rates
  • Highly rated, easy-to-use banking app
  • Easy to open accounts online


  • No bank branches in New Hampshire

5. Bank of New Hampshire

Bank of New Hampshire (BNH) is an FDIC-insured local bank offering personal banking, loans, mortgages, commercial banking, and wealth management services.

It is one of the largest independent banks and has 20+ offices statewide, with many more ATMs.

The bank has a more traditional banking approach and provides personal customer service.

Customers looking for personal banking services will find checking accounts (including interest checking), savings accounts, money market accounts, and certificates of deposit.

Some of the accounts offer perks and privileges, like travel programs with seminars, social gatherings, and overnight stays. You can open an account with a minimum deposit of $50, though some of the accounts require $1,000.

Bank of New Hampshire also supports customers who’ve had a hacked email or social media account, going above and beyond to show customers it cares. It also offers fraud monitoring services.

Regarding the bank’s interest rates, the money market account rates are 0.05% APY, while interest checking accounts will earn you 0.01% APY.

If you’re looking for a bank that is involved in the community and prioritizes customer service, Bank of New Hampshire is worth considering.

Bank of New Hampshire was also named the Best Local Bank for Small Business for the tenth year by NH Business review — so it’s a great choice for business owners.


  • A local bank that gives back to the community
  • Good security features and support
  • Great bank for small businesses


  • Interest rates could be higher

6. M&T Bank (previously People’s United Bank) MT bank Logo

People’s United Bank was a regional community bank that became part of M&T Bank in 2022. With 30+ bank branches and ATMs in New Hampshire, M&T bank is an excellent option to consider if you’d like to be able to visit a local branch.

The bank offers personal, business, and commercial banking. Personal banking customers can open checking accounts, savings accounts, and CDs, get credit cards, or take out loans.

The bank also offers investment, financial planning, and insurance services.

M&T Bank has four checking accounts, with EZChoice being the essential bank account. The account has no monthly maintenance fee — but doesn’t come with bells and whistles.

M&T offers four CDs of 12 and 18 months, with competitive rates that go up to 3.50% APY. You can apply for some of the CDs online — and open the rest by making an appointment at your local branch.


  • Highly rated mobile app for iOS devices
  • Competitive certificate of deposit rates
  • Many branches and ATMs in New Hampshire


  • High minimum balance on some accounts

7. Enterprise Bank

Enterprise Bank is another locally-owned bank located in Derry, Hudson, Londonderry, Pelham, Salen, Windham, and Nashua.

The bank offers personal, business, and non-profit banking. You can also access wealth management services with personal service and a tailored approach.

While the bank offers personal banking services, where it shines is its business banking services. The bank offers various business cash management solutions, online banking, card services, and more.

Because the bank provides a more traditional approach to banking,

When it comes to personal banking, Enterprise Bank offers Rewards Checking, Interest Checking, Student Checking, and Military Checking accounts.

The Interest Checking account will earn you 0.01% APY if you keep an average daily balance of $750.

Money market accounts can earn you from 0.01% to 0.20% APY, but you’ll need a very high balance to earn the higher rate ($1,000,000 and above).


  • Personalized approach and advice
  • Great range of services
  • Business-minded so great for small businesses


  • APY could be higher
  • Large balances needed to earn top-tier APY

8. Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU)

Another option to consider is a credit union in New Hampshire.

Credit unions are non-profit, typically cheaper than banks, and often offer better interest rates.

However, becoming a credit union member isn’t always as easy as they typically have more requirements.

Digital Federal Credit Union offers various personal and business banking services and personal and commercial loans.

You can join Digital Federal Credit Union if you live, work, attend school, or worship in New Hampshire. Any businesses located in New Hampshire are also automatically eligible to join.

You can get checking accounts, savings accounts, certificates of deposit, retirement accounts, and even specialty accounts (like fiduciary, Totten, or trust accounts). The credit union also offers loans and financial planning advice.

According to the credit union’s website, it has locations in all 50 states.

With Digital Federal Credit Union, you can open a free checking account that doesn’t have a minimum deposit — and even pays interest on up to $30,000 (0.20% APY).

Certificate accounts offer pretty great APY (as high as 2.53%), with a $500 minimum to open and earn it.

Digital Federal Credit Union also has many digital banking tools (even though its banking app doesn’t get the best reviews for usability).


  • Offers a wide range of products and services
  • Great APY rates
  • Has a free checking account (that earns interest)


  • The banking app could be better
  • Membership needed to access services

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest bank in New Hampshire?

Bank of New Hampshire is the biggest bank headquartered in New Hampshire. Based on the number of branch locations, Citizens Bank has the most bank offices in New Hampshire.

Is Bank of New Hampshire a good bank?

Bank of New Hampshire is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a community-focused bank with a wide range of services and personal customer service.

The bank cares about its customers and has been around for nearly 200 years. Like all reputable financial institutions, it is FDIC insured, so you know it can keep your money safe.

What major banks are in New Hampshire?

Several major American banks are in New Hampshire, including Bank of America, TD Bank, Citizens Bank, and Capital One. However, it’s worth noting that while these banks have a large presence across the states, they may not have as many prances in New Hampshire as some of the more local banks.

Is Bank of New Hampshire owned by TD Bank?

Bank of New Hampshire isn’t owned by TD Bank. It is an independent bank in New Hampshire, previously known as Laconia Savings Bank.

According to online sources, there was once another bank called Bank of New Hampshire, owned by Banknorth Group. In 2004, TD Bank Financial Group became the majority shareholder in Banknorth Group — and changed the name of Bank of New Hampshire to TD Banknorth.

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