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Revolut is unique as a British fintech trying to make its mark in the US. The platform is positioned as a truly global option, so whether you're personally spending or your business needs to spend in Euros, GBP, or USD, you'll be set.


  • Cashback rewards
  • Perks for international travelers
  • No monthly fee for the Standard plan


  • No live phone service
  • No physical locations
  • High monthly fees for premium accounts

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Revolut is a mobile-only neobank that started in the UK but now offers accounts in the US and several other countries.

Revolut launched in 2015 as a challenger bank. Similar to the banking industry in the US, these modern, tech-focused financial solutions are becoming increasingly common in Europe.

Since its opening, Revolut has exploded and now has over 25 million customers in more than 35 countries.

In this Revolut review, we’ll unpack the bank’s features, accounts, fees, and customer experience.

Revolut Personal Banking

Revolut’s personal banking product is an all-in-one account that comes in three tiers—Standard, Premium, and Metal.

Standard Account

The Revolut Standard account is its only checking account with no monthly fee.

You get a debit card with up to $1,200 of complimentary ATM withdrawals each month at out-of-network ATMs and unlimited no-fee withdrawals from Allpoint’s network of over 55,000 ATMs. The spending card may be a Mastercard or Visa depending on where you live.

With a standard plan, you can open up to five 18 and under accounts for minors. The standard account also offers a high-yield savings component. Money in savings currently earns 3.25% APY, which is on par with other digital banks.

Additionally, Standard plan members can enjoy no-commission stock trading on the Revolut platform.

Premium Account

Revolut Premium comes with everything included in the Standard account option, with a few more benefits. While all of Revolut’s accounts offer 24/7 customer support, paid plans come with priority access.

The account comes with perks like overseas medical insurance, trip protection, and complimentary SmartDelay lounge access for you and a friend on flights delayed by an hour or longer.

The premium account also comes with a higher APY, yielding 4.25% on savings. You’ll pay a monthly fee of $9.99 for the added benefits, which can’t be waived.

Metal Account

Metal is Revolut’s highest-tier account. It’s basically an elevated version of Premium, with similar perks like travel insurance and lounge access.

The account also comes with an 18G steel metal card and increases the number of no-fee international transfers from three to five per month.

Currently, the Revolut Metal plan has the same savings rate as the Premium account at 4.25% APY.

While the Standard and Premium accounts have limits, the Metal account offers unlimited no-fee currency exchange.

The upgrade also comes with an enhanced Smartdelay lounge access perk, giving you and three friends complimentary lounge access for flights with excessive delays.

Savings Vaults

Revolut doesn’t offer a separate high-yield savings account, but with Savings Vaults, you can stash money away and earn competitive interest.

If you’re looking for a no-fee savings option that earns solid interest rates, Revolut’s Standard plan could be worth considering.

Plus, if you upgrade to Premium or Metal, the rate climbs even higher.

The other benefit of a Savings Vault is that because it isn’t a traditional savings account, you don’t have to worry about withdrawal limits.

You’ll have full access to take money out of your Savings Vault at any time. To move money into your Savings Vault, you can set up recurring transfers or use round-ups to put aside the remainder of your Revolut card purchases automatically.

Revolut <18

Revolut’s <18 account is designed for kids aged 12 to 17 and is controlled by a parent or legal guardian.

The account is only available for children of current Revolut customers. Your child gets a contactless card that can be linked to Apple Pay or Google Pay. The card is customizable—kids can draw, add emojis, and put text on their cards during the design process.

You can set custom spending limits and get alerts in real time. You can also freeze the card at any time.

There’s even a dedicated Revolut <18 app, which allows kids to learn about banking and independently manage their accounts.

Revolut Business Banking

Revolut offers business accounts for companies at various stages of growth. Each account option comes with complimentary payments to other Revolut accounts, company cards, recurring payment dashboards, and no-fee spending in more than 150 different currencies.

Here’s a quick overview of each of Revolut’s business account tiers:

  • Free Account: The most basic account has no monthly fee. It provides five complimentary local payments per month and account access for unlimited team members. You’ll pay a $3 fee for any international payments, and up to a 0.4% markup on any foreign currency exchanges.
  • Grow Account:  Grow costs $39.99 per month, with some added complimentary benefits, like 10 international payments per month, 100 local payments, and up to $10,000 in no-fee foreign currency exchanges. Additionally, the account grants 1.9% cashback on up to $10,000 of spending.
  • Scale Account:  Scale comes with another price hike, charging a monthly fee of $149.99. For the added cost, your business will have complimentary access to 50 international payments, 1,000 local payments, and up to $50,000 in foreign exchanges with no fair usage fees. The account offers 1.9% cash back on up to $30,000 of purchases.
  • Enterprise: Large companies can also create a tailor-made Enterprise account, with customized prices and transfer and exchange features. You can also get 1.9% cash back on up to $50,000 of purchases.

Revolut Features

Mobile Banking

Revolut’s banking platform exists entirely within the Revolut mobile banking app. This means that everything you need, from account maintenance to payments to financial tools, is accessible from your smartphone.

Revolut has no physical branches, so customers don’t have access to in-person support. However, the mobile app is top-tier, with thousands of positive ratings from Apple and Android users. The app currently has a rating of 4.7/5 stars in the App Store and 4.5/5 stars in the Google Play Store.

ATM Reimbursements

Revolut provides up to $1,200 of complimentary withdrawals per month at out-of-network ATMs for all of its personal account tiers.

Multi-Currency Accounts

As a globally-positioned institution, Revolut has a number of features in place to ensure that travelers, ex-pats, and immigrants are covered.

With a Revolut account, you have the option to hold, exchange, or send money in 28 different currencies.

Revolut has no hidden fees on money transfers to more than 40 countries, and you’ll always get the interbank exchange rate when you need to make a major fiat currency exchange.

Early Direct Deposit

When you set up direct deposit, you can get your paycheck in your Revolut account up to two days early.

Unlike traditional banks that typically have a holding period while the money clears, Revolut issues your paycheck as soon as your employer makes the payment. You’ll also get a notification as soon as it’s deposited.

Digital Payments

Revolut is centered around the idea of a financial super app that acts as a one-stop shop for all of your financial services. While you might be used to using external apps like Venmo or Splitwise for payments, Revolut provides the same services within its app.

With Payments, you can easily send and receive money from other Revolut users. Group Bills is another useful tool that simplifies tracking and settling up shared expenses.

Budgeting & Savings Tools

Revolut uses analytics to help you set a budget and stick to it. Live tracking, analysis, and notifications can help you stay the course.

You can set spending limits, get weekly insights on your spending habits, and access categorized reports. You can also use Savings Vaults to set savings goals and maximize the money you put aside based on how much you spend with your Revolut debit card.

You can even set up a Group Vault for shared goals like a vacation.


When you spend with your Revolut debit card, you’ll get cash back and discounts from various companies and brands. Once you make a transaction, the reward automatically credits to your Revolut account.

You can also access single-use cards for enhanced security while you’re shopping online.


Revolut makes crypto trading a little simpler by being a crypto-friendly bank.

You can instantly buy, sell, or send cryptocurrencies from the Revolut app, and you can keep an eye on trends in the market.

Revolut currently supports more than 30 currencies, including Bitcoin, Ether, and XRP. It also has a unique education feature, allowing you to take quizzes on the basics of crypto investing to earn coins.

Revolut Fees

When it comes to pricing, Revolut doesn’t have much in the way of hidden fees. But there are some fees to watch out for.

Monthly Fees

All but Revolut’s Standard account come with a monthly fee. Unlike most banks, there’s no way to avoid banking fees with Revolut, so it’s important to figure out if the value added by additional features is enough to justify the monthly cost.


There are no overdraft fees with Revolut, which is aided by the fact that you aren’t able to overdraft your account. If you try to spend more than your available balance, your card will decline.

ATM Fees

Once again, Revolut reimburses ATM fees each month for up to $1,200 of out-of-network withdrawals.

You can avoid ATM fees altogether by withdrawing money from an Allpoint ATM. Revolut users can make unlimited withdrawals without incurring fees when they visit an in-network ATM.

Getting Started

Signing up with Revolut is simple. You can use the Revolut website or register in the app. Once you verify your phone number, the application process can be completed in minutes.

All you need is a valid ID, Social Security Number, and an existing account for funding with a bank transfer.

Revolut doesn’t run a credit check when you sign up for a new account, so your credit score won’t be dinged like it would with a credit card.


Revolut occasionally offers sign-up bonuses for new accounts. They also tend to offer referral bonuses where existing customers can share Revolut with their friends and family to earn cash.

Revolut LogoRevolut Standard Account $10 Limited Time
  • Card Spend
see all bonuses


Online security is a top priority for Revolut, and it has plenty of tools in place to keep you safe while banking on the go.

Revolut also utilizes biometric authentication, an anti-fraud system, and customizable card features such as freezing and contactless payments.

Customer Service

Revolut provides 24/7 customer service through its in-app chat. Premium and Metal users get priority access, and the chat should be able to serve most of your banking needs.

You can also call Revolut’s customer service phone line for limited automated support with tasks like freezing your card. If you have a less pressing issue, you can take advantage of Revolut’s online help center, which is filled with troubleshooting guidance and FAQs.

Revolut seems to have a solid reputation among its current account holders. The bank has 4.3/5 stars on TrustPilot, with more than 130,000 customer reviews. But it’s important to note that these reviews are not specific to the US version of the app.

Pros & Cons


  • Perks for international travelers
  • Cashback rewards
  • No monthly fee for the Standard plan


  • High monthly fees for premium plans
  • No physical locations
  • No live phone service


Revolut and its UK competitors Monzo and Starling are challenger banks. Here are some similar popular online-only banks to check out in the US:

Each of these options provides tech-forward banking solutions at a fraction of the cost of the largest US banks.


How does Revolut make money?

Revolut earns money through its monthly account fees on premium accounts and transaction fees. Because Revolut is a digital bank, it doesn’t have nearly as many expenses as traditional banks with branches to staff and manage.

How do I deposit money into Revolut?

You can make mobile check deposits in the Revolut app and deposit cash at participating Green Dot locations. To make a cash deposit, tap “add money” in the Revolut app, then select “unlock locations near me.” From there, you can choose a retail location for your in-person deposit.

What countries is Revolut available in?

Revolut is available in all member countries of the European Economic Alliance (EEA), as well as the US, United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Australia, and Singapore.

Is your money safe with Revolut?

Yes, your money is safe in a Revolut account. Revolut US partners with Metropolitan Commercial Bank*, a member-FDIC institution that provides insurance for deposits up to $250,000.

Revolut is a financial technology company. Banking services provided by Metropolitan Commercial Bank (Member FDIC)

A note from Metropolitan Commercial Bank: Funds in your Revolut Prepaid Card Account are held at an FDIC insured institution. Your funds will be held at or transferred to Metropolitan Commercial Bank, an FDIC-insured institution. While there, your funds are insured up to $250,000 by the FDIC in the event Metropolitan Commercial Bank fails if specific deposit insurance requirements are met and your card is registered. See for details. FDIC insurance does not protect your funds in the event of Revolut’s failure or from the risk of theft or fraud.

Is Revolut Right For You?

Over the last few years, Revolut has become a viable banking service in the US and abroad.

With digital tools for budgeting and saving, crypto trading, and competitive interest across all account tiers, Revolut is an innovative banking option, especially for frequent travelers and ex-pats.

That said, Revolut’s pricing structure doesn’t quite compete with some of its American contemporaries. The features are exciting, but to take full advantage of them, you’ll end up paying a monthly fee.

Take time to compare the cost and banking services to decide if Revolut is the right fit for your budget and needs.

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