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How To Earn The Bonus

  1. Download the app using the link below.
  2. Refer a friend (or be referred) using your specific referral link for a particular SoFi product.
  3. Follow the program rules highlighted on the website.
  4. Bonus will automatically be applied to your SoFi account(s).

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SoFi is offering a $15 welcome bonus for you and a friend when you refer someone to open a new SoFi account. This bonus is available across most of their products, including: SoFi Money, SoFi Invest, SoFi Loans and a SoFi credit card. You can receive up to $75 total. This isn't exactly the highest bonus we've seen from them, so you'll have to decide if now is the right time or to hold out for something a little more enticing.

It's important to note too that each program has its own set of rules, each of which is outlined on their referral website linked below.

How To Earn The Bonus

The SoFi Account promotion requires you to use a referral link in order to earn the $15 bonus (step-by-step breakdown is listed above!).

As with any offer, don't forget to read the fine print before opening your new account. It's where the bank will clearly state who is eligible for the deal along with any nuances you'll want to be aware of.

The fine print

  • Only one referral reward and one welcome bonus per new customer.
  • You will not receive multiple referral bonuses for the same friend taking advantage of multiple promotions, nor will your friend receive multiple welcome bonuses for taking advantage of multiple promotions.
  • SoFi mortgages are never eligible for the SoFi Referral Program.
  • In no event will any person be entitled to receive more than $10,000 in cumulative referrals or welcome bonuses under these Referral Programs within any calendar year.

How does this investment offer from SoFi compare?

To help you determine how this bonus stacks against the rest, here are some of the most popular offers available right now:

J.P. Morgan

Self-Directed Investing

up to $700
Account Type
Expires In
53 days
  • Min Balance


M1 Invest

up to $500
Account Type
Expires In
218 days
  • Min Balance


Brokerage Account

up to $3500
Account Type
Expires In
Limited Time
  • Min Balance

Why SoFi?

Social Finance Inc., most commonly known as SoFi, is an online personal finance company out of San Francisco.

SoFi is best known for offering competitive student loan refinancing rates. The growing fintech firm now offers financial products like personal loans, credit cards, and an investment platform.

The neobank has no account fees, above-average interest rates, a highly rated mobile app, and an ATM network that provides free access to more than 55,000 ATMs.

Sofi Invest


Sofi Invest does not charge a monthly maintenance fee.

SoFi Checking and Savings

SoFi Checking and Savings offers a highly competitive interest rate and no monthly account fee. Keep in mind that you'll need to make a direct deposit each month to qualify for the max interest rate.

The account has several cool features.

First, it's essentially an "all-in-one" account, allowing you to use it as both a checking and savings account. Within the separate savings account, you can create "vaults", which allow you to save for different goals. You can have as many as 20 vaults.

Second, the account features an automated savings roundup, which automatically rounds your debit card purchases to the nearest dollar and puts the difference into one of your saving vaults.

Lastly, SoFi Bank is a member FDIC and provides up to $250,000 of FDIC insurance per legal category of account ownership, as described in the FDIC's regulations. With that said, additional FDIC insurance up to $2 million is provided by the SoFi Insured Deposit Program, a seamless network of participating banks.


SoFi Checking and Savings does not charge a monthly maintenance fee.

Additional Disclosures:

  • New and existing Checking and Savings members who have not previously enrolled in Direct Deposit with SoFi are eligible to earn a cash bonus when they set up Direct Deposit of at least $1,000 during the Direct Deposit Bonus Period. Cash bonus will be based on the total amount of Direct Deposit. Direct Deposit Promotion begins on 01/01/2023 and will be available through 12/31/23. Full terms at SoFi Checking and Savings is offered through SoFi Bank, N.A., Member FDIC.
  • SoFi members with Direct Deposit can earn 4.60% annual percentage yield (APY) on savings balances (including Vaults) and 0.50% APY on checking balances. There is no minimum Direct Deposit amount required to qualify for the 4.60% APY for savings (including Vaults). Members without Direct Deposit will earn 1.20% APY on savings balances (including Vaults) and 0.50% APY on checking balances. Interest rates are variable and subject to change at any time. These rates are current as of 8/2/2023. There is no minimum balance requirement. Additional information can be found at
  • We’ve partnered with Allpoint to provide you with ATM access at any of the 55,000+ ATMs within the Allpoint network. You will not be charged a fee when using an in-network ATM, however, third-party fees incurred when using out-of-network ATMs are not subject to reimbursement. SoFi’s ATM policies are subject to change at our discretion at any time.

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November 15, 2023

It looks like this might stack with other SoFi bonuses, so you could get a much bigger bonus if you combine this with one of their other offers.


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