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  1. Open a new Ultimate Opportunity Savings Account using the link below.
  2. For 12 consecutive months, deposit $100 each month.

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Back for 2023, Alliant Credit Union has partnered with Suze Orman to encourage people to make saving a priority. To that end, they've launched “The Ultimate Opportunity Savings Account” promotion, where you can earn a $100 welcome bonus by opening a new savings account and making the commitment to deposit $100 each month.

Keep in mind that these deposits don't need to be made via direct deposit, as is common with many bank bonuses. Instead, regular transfers each month will work.

The first transfer will need to be made within 30 days of opening the account, and while it does take a full 12 months to satisfy the requirements, the ROI on your cash is impressive.

This is a nationwide bonus from one of the best credit unions, so definitely check it out!

How To Earn The Bonus

The Alliant Ultimate Opportunity Savings Account promotion requires you to deposit and maintain a minimum balance in order to earn the $100 bonus.

Full requirements to receive this bonus are:

  1. Open a new Ultimate Opportunity Savings Account using the link below.
  2. For 12 consecutive months, deposit $100 each month.

The fine print

  • You must keep a minimum balance of $100 in your savings account, and have $1,200 in your account at the end of the 12-month period to qualify.
  • Available to new Alliant Credit Union members only. If you're a former member who closed their savings account more than 180 days ago, you're considered to be a new member.
  • The first $100 must be transferred within 30 days of account opening, and each calendar month after the first $100, funds need to post to the account by the last day of the month.
  • If all requirements have been met at the end of the 12 month period, the bonus will deposit within 4 weeks.

How does this personal savings offer from Alliant compare?

To help you determine how this bonus stacks against the rest, here are some of the most popular offers available right now:

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Personal Savings
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5 days
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up to $200
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Personal Savings
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41 days
  • Min Balance

Why Alliant Credit Union?

Alliant Credit Union is one of the nation's largest credit unions and is based in Illinois. While membership is technically restricted, it's actually very easy to qualify. For example, a $5 donation to Foster Care to Success (that Alliant will actually pay on your behalf) will grant you and any immediate family members of yours lifetime membership.

Alliant has won several notable awards in recent years, from best overall credit union (CNBC) to best online experience (NerdWallet). They offer competitive rates (particularly their mortgages and auto loans), a solid digital experience, and coveted credit cards. With their ATM fee rebates, they even tout that they have more ATMs than Chase and Bank of America, combined (80,000!).

Ultimate Opportunity Savings Account


Ultimate Opportunity Savings Account does not charge a monthly fee.

How to Join Alliant Credit Union

Credit unions differ from banks in that they restrict membership based on a shared common bond, or the credit union’s “field of membership”.

That means in order to qualify for this bonus (or any offer from a credit union), you'll first need to meet Alliant's membership requirements:

  • Be a current or retired employee from one of the many businesses and organizations Alliant partners with in the U.S.
  • Be a domestic partner or immediate family member of a current Alliant member.
  • Live or work in one of the communities near our Corporate Headquarters in Chicago. Check their list of eligible communities to see if you qualify.
  • Become a member of Foster Care to Success (FC2S). FC2S serves thousands of foster teens across the United States, focusing on those who are aging out of the foster care system. FC2S awards grants and scholarships for higher education and provides care packages, mentoring and internships. (Alliant will pay the one-time $5 membership fee to FC2S on the member’s behalf).

Keep in mind that nearly all credit unions have a "once a member, always a member" policy, so once you're in, the above restrictions no longer apply.