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How To Earn The Bonus

  1. Open a new Acorns Invest account using the link below.
  2. Fund account with at least $5.

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Acorns is offering users a $20 welcome bonus when you open a new Invest account. You just need to open the account from the link below and fund it with $5 to earn the reward.

What's more? They've been running amazing referral bonuses. So, sign up for a new account and then share your referral link with friends and family, and you could be pocketing up to $1,000+ each week!

How To Earn The Bonus

The Acorns Invest promotion requires you to complete the following in order to earn the $20 bonus.

Full requirements to receive this bonus are:

  1. Open a new Acorns Invest account using the link below.
  2. Fund account with at least $5.

The fine print

  • Sign up bonus is exclusively for new customers who have not previously opened an Investment Account.
  • Account approval is contingent on verification and approval pursuant to regulatory requirements.
  • Acorns is only offered to US-residents.

How does this investment offer from Acorns compare?

To help you determine how this bonus stacks against the rest, here are some of the most popular offers available right now:

J.P. Morgan

Self-Directed Investing

up to $700
Account Type
Expires In
10 days
  • Min Balance

Why Acorns?

Acorns made its name with their automatic round-ups, which round up your purchases to the next dollar and moves the difference to savings. Once you hit $5, that savings is automatically transferred to an investment account.

Founded in 2012, the company has grown to serve more than 8 million users, and has expanded their product offering to include not only their original robo-advisor Invest account, but also Invest Later (IRA), Invest Early (UTMA/UGMA account for your kids), the option to invest in ESG portfolios, Acorns Checking, and a cash-back program called Earn.

Their platform makes it really easy for you to save and invest for the future – without any lifting on your part. We genuinely like the app, particularly if you have a hard time committing to saving. But Acorns also offers consistent sign-up bonuses and aggressive referral promotions to give you even more incentive to try out the app.

Acorns Invest

Acorns is an all-in-one investment, retirement, and checking, plus a metal debit card, bonus investments, money advice, and more account. They have two plans: $3 per month for a single user plan or $5 for a family plan.


Acorns Invest charges a monthly fee of $3.