11 Online Banks that Accept Cash Deposits

Online banks often offer low fees and high-interest rates, something everyone wants. But what happens if you have cash to deposit? You may think you’ve hit a brick wall if the bank doesn’t have any physical locations. Fortunately, there are many online banks that accept cash deposits in other ways. So check out your options below.

11 Online Banks That Accept Cash Deposits

Here are the best online banks that accept cash deposits without a hassle:

  1. USAA
  2. Pentagon Federal Credit Union
  3. Alliant Credit Union
  4. Consumers Credit Union
  5. HSBC Direct
  6. Axos
  7. SoFi
  8. NBKC Bank
  9. Chime
  10. Lending Club
  11. Wings Financial


USAA allows members to deposit cash at select ATMs. But be careful; USAA has a large network of ATMs, but not all of them allow you to deposit cash.

If you use their ATM locator, you can see which ones offer cash deposits and the ATMs that only allow cash withdrawals.

2. Pentagon Federal Credit Union

While Pentagon Federal Credit Union isn’t 100% online, its physical branches only span 13 states. But that is no problem for members outside of those areas.

PenFed belongs to the Allpoint ATM network, which has 55,000 ATMs throughout the United States. However, not all locations accept cash deposits, so it’s best to use the PenFed CU Locator to find ATMs that accept cash by filtering your results.

3. Alliant

Alliant Credit Union has an extensive network of 80,000 ATMs throughout the country. Like most banks, not all ATMs accept cash deposits, so refer to their ATM locator to determine which locations offer them.

Alliant also offers members up to a $20 credit on non-network ATM fees if a bank charges you a fee.

4. Consumers

Consumers Credit Union is part of a large co-op, allowing members to conduct transactions, including depositing cash at member locations.

They also offer nationwide ATM access to co-op network ATMs with no surcharge.

Consumers have 30,000+ ATMs, of which 9,000 accept cash deposits. They are typically located inside major retailers like Costco, Walgreens, and 7-Eleven.

5. HSBC Direct

HSBC Direct allows cash deposits at its ATMs. This is helpful as they have less than 30 physical locations, and many members rely on their online banking options. However, while you can use the Allpoint network for other ATM transactions, you cannot deposit cash at them.

Using the ATM locator, you can determine the locations of HSBC Direct to make cash deposits or find other ways to deposit your cash.

6. Axos

Axos Bank offers customers two ways to deposit cash. You can deposit cash via ATM at certain locations. You can find eligible locations here.

Axos Bank also partners with Green Dot Network ® to deposit cash at over 100,000 retail locations. Some included stores are 7-Eleven, CVS, Dollar General, Kroger, and Rite Aid. You simply ask the cashier to reload your debit card to deposit cash at a retail location.

Axos doesn’t charge a fee. However, the retailer might charge up to $4.95, so keep that in mind. The money is usually available on your debit card within 10 minutes.

7. SoFi

SoFi is a personal finance company that offers high-yield deposit accounts. Unfortunately, SoFi doesn’t accept deposits at ATMs. However, they partner with Green Dot ® locations at local retailers to allow cash deposits.

You can find eligible locations here. Before using the services, inquire about the fee, as some locations charge to deposit cash.

8. NBKC Bank

NBKC Bank is an online banking institution that accepts cash deposits at specific ATMs via the MoneyPass network.

With over 37,000 MoneyPass ATMs, you can find a location close to you here. If you have to use an ATM that is out of network, NBKC will reimburse up to $12 in ATM charges each month.

9. Chime

Like many other online banks, Chime works with Green Dot ® locations to help you deposit cash. However, if you deposit cash at Walgreens, there’s no fee. On the other hand, if you deposit cash at any other Green Dot ® location, they may impose fees.

Other retailers Chime partners with include Walmart, 7-Eleven, Dollar General, Circle K, and Kwik Trip.

10. Lending Club

LendingClub works with the MoneyPass and SUM ATM networks. Many of the MoneyPass ATMs accept cash deposits, and possibly a few SUM ATMs accept them.

Depending on the bank you choose, a fee may be charged for using the ATM. However, LendingClub may reimburse you for it.

11. Wings Financial Credit Union

Wings Financial accepts cash deposits at some ATMs. On their ATM locator, filter for ‘deposit-taking ATMs’ to find the closest ATM to you accepting cash deposits.

Depositing Cash at Your Online Bank

Depositing cash at your online bank is undoubtedly more challenging than at a physical bank. Fortunately, most banks offer several options.


If your online bank uses an ATM network, you may be able to deposit cash in the ATM. First, determine where your bank’s ATMs are located. Most belong to an extensive network with thousands of ATMs.

When visiting the ATM, you’ll insert your debit card, input your PIN, and select deposit. Count the cash before inserting it into the ATM, and get a receipt for proof of your deposit.

Retail Location

Some online banks work with retailers that offer financial services. This works with banks that include a reloadable debit card with your account. You can visit a cashier or the customer service desk and ask them to reload your debit card.

Also, a few banks, like Capital One, have a mobile app to log into while at the store and load your cash into your account.

Choosing the Best Online Bank that Accepts Cash Deposits

Now that you know many online banks allow cash deposits, you might wonder which bank is the best. There are many factors to consider, including how and where you can deposit cash if that’s important to you.

Ensure It Is Insured by the FDIC

First, always ensure the bank is FDIC-insured. Since you’re trusting a bank you may never have heard of, it’s essential to know your money is protected.

FDIC insurance protects deposits up to $250,000 per person at each bank. So if the bank goes out of business, you won’t risk losing your funds.

Fees/Interest Rates

Banking online usually means lower (or no) fees and higher interest rates. It’s the whole point of banking online.

Read the bank’s fine print to determine what they charge and what interest rates they pay. For example, pay close attention to monthly maintenance fees or minimum opening deposit requirements.

Also, determine if the bank pays interest based on balance tiers or if everyone receives the same APY.

Maximum Monthly Transfers

Some online banks restrict the number of monthly transfers you can conduct, especially if you open a savings account. Banks restrict the number of transfers to minimize costs and keep the accounts affordable for customers.


Of course, any bank you trust with your money should use proper security. Banks have much higher security capabilities than other facilities, so be sure they use bank-level encryption and two-factor authentication at the least to ensure your safety.

Customer Service

Banking online means giving up the in-person contact you’d receive at a local bank. But online banks can offer great customer service in many other ways, including by phone, via live chat, or email.

Check out the methods a bank offers and ensure it suits your needs before choosing an online bank.

Creative, Indirect Ways to Deposit Cash

If you choose an online bank that doesn’t have convenient locations for ATM deposits, there are a few other creative ways to deposit cash.

Deposit and Transfer

If you have another bank account with a local bank or a bank with local ATMs, you can deposit the funds at that bank and electronically transfer them to your online bank.

It takes a few extra steps to deposit cash using this method, but it works. The key is having a local bank where you can deposit cash.


  • Offers another way to deposit cash
  • It’s free to deposit at a local bank and electronically transfer


  • It takes more time to deposit the funds and make the transfer
  • You need a local bank to make this work

Money Order

You can turn cash into a check you can mobile deposit at your online bank by purchasing a money order made out to yourself. Most retailers offer money orders for a small fee and allow them up to $1,000.

If you need to deposit over $1,000, consider visiting your local bank for a cashier’s check. Your bank may charge a fee, but you can make the check to yourself and deposit it via mobile deposit with your online bank.


  • You can buy a money order at most major retailers
  • A safer way to deposit a large amount of cash


  • Money orders usually cost money
  • It takes multiple steps to deposit your cash

Prepaid Debit Card

You can purchase reloadable prepaid debit cards at most major retailers that you can link to your online bank account. Before doing this, be sure your bank allows this option.

Once linked, you can load cash on the card using the card’s network and then electronically transfer funds to your online bank account.


  • You may be able to deposit cash at stores you typically shop
  • Offers a unique way to deposit cash


  • The prepaid debit card company may charge a membership or one-time fee
  • Retailers may charge an additional fee to make the deposit


Making cash deposits at online banks is possible if you think outside the box. Here are a couple more questions people have about cash deposits.

Is There a Limit to How Much Cash You Can Deposit at an ATM or Retail Location at a Time?

Most banks limit how much you can deposit at a time. Some banks also limit how much you can deposit per day or month. Read the bank’s fine print to determine the limits.

Can You Deposit Cash Into Someone Else’s Online Bank Account?

You may be able to deposit cash into someone else’s online bank account, but it varies by bank. If the bank has a physical branch, you may be able to make a deposit by giving the person’s name and account number.

If the online bank doesn’t have physical branches, you must make a deposit via ATM or via electronic transfer after depositing the cash into your account and sending the funds via Zelle.

The Bottom Line

Depositing cash in an online bank is possible; you just have to know what the bank allows and how to proceed. The easiest way is to find a bank with an extensive ATM network in your area. If not, depositing cash in a different bank account and electronically transferring it or buying a money order are the easiest ways to deposit cash into an online account.

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