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Mymo helps entrepreneurs reclaim their quality of life and the time they spend tracking income, chasing goals, and burning the candle at both ends.


  • Easy to set and track goals
  • Access to funds up to two days early
  • Simplifies tracking freelancer income


  • You must share your private information
  • Too new to determine potential bugs or issues

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Are you an entrepreneur trying to keep track of multiple sources of income? Maybe you wish you had a magic wand to put it all together. While I don’t have a magic wand, there is, a new income-tracking app to help freelancers streamline their revenue tracking and reach their financial goals.

If you need a better way to streamline your income-tracking, here’s what you should know about

What Is helps entrepreneurs make the most of their time by tracking their income in one place in real-time. Why spend hours on spreadsheets and tracking income from different sources when it can be done for you in a single app?

With Mymo, you can connect all income sources so you’re updated in real-time when you receive new income.


Mymo was created to fill a void for freelancers and entrepreneurs tired of wrangling multiple spreadsheets and spending hours tracking income and chasing their dreams.


Mymo founders strived to help entrepreneurs across the country track their income. They are based in California, but their team is spread worldwide. Their team consists of technology gurus, creative directors, and entrepreneurs to bring freelancers the best of everything to track their income.


Mymo values time and the creative mind. With over 70 million independent workers in the United States alone, they knew an app would help entrepreneurs make the most of their time.

Who wants to spend time on spreadsheets when they could use that time to make money or improve their personal lives?

Mymo helps entrepreneurs reclaim their quality of life and the time they spend tracking income, chasing goals, and burning the candle at both ends.

The Mymo App

The Mymo app is available on Google Play and iTunes and does the following:

  • Tracks income automatically
  • See upcoming payments due from all sources
  • See all your data in one place
  • Set, monitor, and track financial goals
  • Get direct deposit up to two days early


Mymo encrypts all data while in transit; however, they may sell your personal information collected with third parties. Mymo provides the option to request that they delete your information, however.

How Works

Mymo links directly to your income sources, automatically tracking your income. Instead of opening multiple apps and navigating their dashboard, you can open a single app – Mymo, and see everything in one place.

For example, if you work for DoorDash and Grubhub, you’d need to open each app, log in, go to each dashboard, and find the earnings tab. You must do this separately in each app and keep track of the income on a separate program.

Instead, with Mymo, you can open the app and instantly see how much you made from each app with one click. You can also see upcoming payments to help you plan for future expenses.’s Products has several features, including the following.

Your Money

Your Money is the key feature of Mymo. It tracks all income from linked apps or workplaces like DoorDash, Grubhub, Instacart, and Uber. You add your sources of income one time, and Mymo automatically tracks the income.


Instead of looking at multiple platforms, you can see all income earned in one place. You can see all income at once or filter by company, dates, or filters to help you get a better picture of your financial status.

Goal Setting

Entrepreneurs must have goals to keep striving to make more money and be their best. Of course, no goal is worthwhile if you don’t track it, but Mymo makes it easy. You can set financial goals, track progress, and make necessary changes.

Get Paid

Mymo isn’t a bank, but they partner with Pathward banking services, a member of FDIC, to give you access to direct deposit up to two days early.

The Mymo Spend account also includes the following:

  • Free ATM access at 40,000+ ATMs
  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • No minimum balance requirements
  • Real-time notifications
  • Free debit Mastercard and up to six virtual cards
  • Apple and Google Pay
  • No overdraft fees (doesn’t allow overdrafts)

Pros and Cons of

Choosing apps as a freelancer is a big decision since it affects your livelihood. Here are the pros and cons of


  • Simplifies tracking freelancer income
  • Access to funds up to two days early
  • Easy to set and track goals


  • Too new to determine potential bugs or issues
  • You must share your private information

Frequently Asked Questions

Entrepreneurs have a lot of responsibility, and having an app to streamline income tracking can be helpful.

What Common Challenges Do Entrepreneurs Face?

Entrepreneurs are responsible for everything, leaving them with little time to focus. Working for yourself is highly stressful and time-consuming, making managing your cash flow challenging, especially when starting your business. Having as much support as possible to streamline your most common tasks can make freelancing easier.

What Makes an Entrepreneur Successful?

Entrepreneurs must be driven, time-oriented, organized, and resourceful. They don’t have anyone telling them what to do or managing the front and back end; it’s all on the entrepreneur.

To be successful, you need the right resources to streamline your processes and help you reach your goals.

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