How Often Can You Get a Chase Sapphire Welcome Bonus?

So, you’ve enjoyed your Chase Sapphire card welcome bonus and are looking to collect another one. Chase Sapphire does have some awfully nice perks, including great savings and bonus perks for airfare, hotels, and other related purchases.

Those 60,000 bonus points are a boon when booking travel, and the good news is you can snag the bonus more than once.

There are however some guidelines in place when it comes to going back for a second helping. Here’s what you need to know about the Chase Sapphire card bonus and how to indulge more than once.

Can You Get a Chase Sapphire Welcome Bonus More Than Once?

Yes, you can qualify for Chase Sapphire’s welcome bonus more than once as long as it’s been 48 months from the date of your last bonus offer redemption and you are a new Chase Sapphire card member.

How Do I Get New Cardmember Status?

To be considered a new Sapphire cardholder, cancel your existing Chase Sapphire card and then reapply for a new one.

Before you close an existing account, contact Chase Bank first. Call Chase’s customer service line at 1-800-432-3117 and ask how many months it’s been since you last received the welcome bonus.

This is important; you may think it’s been 48 months but Chase may count fewer.

Also, you need to count the number of months from receipt of any bonus, not months of account opening.

About the Chase Sapphire Cards

The credit card issuer, Chase Bank, offers two versions of its Sapphire card.

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card: For consumers with good or excellent credit. It has a $75 annual fee and comes with a 60,000-point welcome bonus worth $750 in travel rewards via Chase Travel℠.
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card: Premium card version with $550 annual card fees. Earn higher point multipliers for travel and bonus-category purchases, and added perks like airport lounge access and free Lyft Pink membership. It comes with a 60,000-point welcome bonus worth $900 in travel rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Highest Bonus Ever Seen on a Chase Sapphire Preferred?

As with other credit card companies, Chase periodically changes its new member bonus. Both bonus amounts and eligibility requirements can change. In the past, it has been as high as 100,000 points for meeting the same $4,000 minimum spend requirement within the first three months. When redeemed through the Chase travel portal, 100,000 points are worth up to $1,500. While you may be tempted to wait for another 100,000-point bonus, this deal was last seen in early 2021. It may be some time before that amount is offered again, if ever.

Can I Have 2 Chase Sapphire Cards?

No, you cannot have two (2) different Chase Sapphire cards at the same time. Chase considers these Sapphire cards to be the same product so it’s one or the other. If there’s one Sapphire card you prefer over the other, you would need to downgrade or upgrade your card to the other version. As both of these travel credit cards have annual fees and overlapping perks, there is no real benefit to holding both of the cards anyway.

Can You Get 2 Chase Cards at the Same Time?

Yes, you can have more than one Chase credit card if each of the cards is from different card families. So you could have a Chase Sapphire card, Chase Freedom card, and Chase Ink card. As an added benefit, cardholders can earn Chase Ultimate Rewards points on any Chase-branded credit card. Point redemption rates, however, will vary based on card type.

What is the Chase 2-Year Rule?

The Chase 2-year rule, also referred to as the Chase 5/24 rule, is an unofficial policy that limits how many credit cards you can open within 24 months if you want to be eligible for a new Chase credit card. If you’ve opened five or more credit cards, with any bank, in the past 24 months you would likely not be approved for a Chase credit card.

Bottom Line

We’ve outlined some ways you can get the Chase Sapphire new card member bonus more than once, but it does involve some fancy footwork where you have to close and reopen lines of credit and submit to hard credit pulls.

For some well-organized consumers, it may be worth it to take advantage of Chase’s welcome bonus every four years.

But given the processes involved, and the fact that bonus structures can change at any time, you may be better off occasionally signing up for another credit card to take advantage of other sign-up promotions. Especially when their new member bonus may be just as generous as Chase’s.

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