Best Business Gas Credit Cards in 2023

Credit cards that offer rewards on your gas purchases can be extremely helpful, especially if you’re a business owner.

In this article, we’ll cover the top business gas credit card offers right now. We’ll also provide some tips to help you to choose the best gas card for your business and answer some frequently asked questions.

12 Best Business Credit Cards for Gas

1. U.S. Bank Triple Cash Rewards Visa® Business Card

The Triple Cash Rewards Visa® Business Card from U.S. Bank has a $0 annual fee, and also offers a 3% cash back rate on both gas and EV charging stations. In addition, there’s no cash back limit!

While it isn’t the highest earner on the list for gas, you can also earn $500 in cash back once you’ve spent $4,500 within your first 150 days of your account opening.

In addition, you can earn 5% cash back on vehicle rentals and prepaid hotels, as well as 3% cash back on office supplies, cell phone service providers, and dining out.

All other eligible purchases will earn you 1% cash back.

Is it the fanciest card out there? No, but there is a 15 billing cycle 0% intro APR. After that, the variable APR is around 18.24%–27.24%.

2. Ink Business Cash® Credit Card

The Ink Business Cash® Credit Card from Chase is another one with a $0 annual fee. With a 2% cash back on gas and dining (on up to $25,000 combined annually), this isn’t the best gas credit card on the list.

However, it does offer 5% cash back on other business-related categories (again, up to $25,000 annually), which could make it worth it if you used it for multiple purchases beyond gas. All other purchases will earn you 1% cash back, with no limit.

There’s also a decent $900 bonus cashback sign-up bonus once you spend $6,000 in your first 3 months, though this is only for a limited time.

All rewards are redeemed through Chase Ultimate Rewards.

3. American Express® Business Gold Card

With an annual fee of $295, the American Express® Business Gold Card is certainly up there as one of the priciest cards on the list.

However, Amex rewards are famously worth it, and you could earn 4x on gas within the U.S. (up to $150,000 annually, and then 1x) as well as another select category, which may include other useful business expenses.

Additionally, you can redeem your Membership Rewards® on flights, hotels, shopping, gift cards, and much more.

If you spend $4,000 in your first 3 months, you can also earn a sign-up bonus of 60,000 Membership Rewards® points.

Yes, it’s a little pricey, but could be worth it for the Amex Business Gold Card in your wallet!

However, if you aren’t spending within the right Amex categories, then it may not work out in your favor.

4. Bank of America® Business Advantage Customized Cash

This business credit card from Bank of America gives you a lot of bang for your buck. In addition to having no annual fee (always handy), you could earn 3% cash back on your gas purchases.

With a $50,000 spending cap on the 3% rewards, that’s a potential cash back of $1,500! Plus, a sign-up bonus of $300 statement credit once you’ve spent $3,000 in your first 90 days makes this card especially appealing.

Additionally, if you’re keen to use this card in other categories, you can earn 2% cash back on dining as well as 1% on anything else.

Bear in mind, too, that if you’re a Preferred Rewards member, you could be making even greater earnings on your gas cashback — up to 75% more!

Cash back redemptions are flexible, too, and don’t expire. You could have them mailed to you as a check, or deposited into your account as a statement credit.

Plus, for your first nine billing cycles, you’ll benefit from a 0% intro APR offer. After this, the variable APR is 16.49%–26.49%.

5. Capital One Spark Cash Plus

The Capital One Spark Cash Plus business card has an annual fee of $150, but it allows you to earn unlimited 2% cash back on all purchases including gas.

It also has no APR, as you pay your balance in full each month. There is a late fee, though, so you should make sure that you still practice good credit card habits with this card.

With the cashback and the annual fee, this does put this card a little lower on our list. However, there are several Capital One Spark Cash Plus bonuses that may make it worth it:

  • In your first 6 months, you could earn up to $1,000
  • Once you’ve spent $5,000 in your first 3 months, you could earn a further $500
  • If you’ve spent $50,000 in your first 6 months, you could earn another $500

Additionally, you could earn another $200 annual cash bonus for each year that you spend over $200,000. As long as you hit that threshold, your annual fee will be covered.

6. The Blue Business® Plus Credit Card from American Express

The Blue Business® Plus Credit Card is extremely popular amongst business owners– and for a reason.

Not only is there no annual fee, but you can also earn 2x points on gas and other eligible business purchases (up to $50,000 annually), as well as 1x points on other eligible purchases (once you’ve reached your cap).

Rewards with Amex are extremely flexible and include travel and hotel transfers. This is not to mention the 15,000 Membership Rewards Points you’ll receive as a bonus once you’ve spent $3,000 within your first 3 months!

If you find that you’re spending much more than $50,000 annually with your business, you may find that the cap hinders your ability to earn rewards.

Additionally, there is a foreign transaction fee attached, so this isn’t the best card to bring overseas.

However, if you’re a small business traveling locally around the U.S., then the rewards may work for you.

7. Marriott Bonvoy Business® American Express® Card

The Marriott Bonvoy Business® American Express® Card has an annual fee of $125 and allows you to accumulate 4x points at U.S. gas stations.

However, if you use this card to travel and stay in Marriott Bonvoy hotels, you could earn 6x points as well as a 7% room rate discount.

Various other purchases, such as dining out, wireless telephone services, and U.S. purchases on shipping will also earn you 4x points. Any other purchases will earn you 2x points.

Obviously, this card is especially good for travelers, especially with no foreign transaction fees attached. However, if you aren’t specifically staying at Marriott Bonvoy hotels, then this may not be the card for you.

However, you will be rewarded within your first 3 months if you spend at least $3,000 with 75,000 Marriott Bonvoy bonus points.

It’s worth bearing in mind that there’s no intro APR offer and the variable APR is around 19.99%–28.99%.

8. Wyndham Rewards Earner® Business Card

The Wyndham Rewards Earner® Business Card is one from Barclays. It comes with a $95 annual fee which, while not necessarily ideal, is still on the lower-end of the scale and will get you into the Wyndham Rewards Diamond elite status automatically.

This means you’ll receive 15,000 bonus points annually, as well as 8x points on gas and Wyndham Hotel stays (where eligible). Plus, there’s no earning cap.

If you’re a traveler who favors Wyndham Hotels, then this card may give you just the perks you’re looking for. With properties all over the world and no foreign transaction fees, this is a good card to travel with too.

You’ll receive 5x points on other business-related purchases, such as utilities, advertising, and some marketing.

If you spend $2,000 in your first 90 days of holding this card, you’ll also earn 45,000 bonus points. According to Barclays, this is the equivalent of six free nights at a participating hotel!

However, as the rewards with this card can only be redeemed at participating Wyndham Hotels, if you’re looking for more flexible rewards, this isn’t going to be the one for you.

9. World of Hyatt Business Credit Card

Another Chase card, the World of Hyatt Business Credit Card has an annual fee of $199 attached. While you’ll get the most points when you book at a Hyatt hotel (4x points, plus 5x points as a World of Hyatt member), you can also earn 2x points on gas.

Other business expenses in various categories will also get you 2x points. These include:

  • Dining out
  • Shipping
  • Travel (when purchased directly through the airline)
  • Commuting and local transit
  • Some advertising and social media
  • Car rentals
  • Internet, phone, and cable

There’s a 60,000 bonus point offer once you’ve spent $5,000 in your first 3 months, too. Plus, if you need extra cards for your employees, you can access these without any additional costs.

As a Hyatt Discoverist (which you’ll automatically be enrolled in when you have the card), you can also earn $50 as a statement credit twice a year, as long as you spend $50 at a Hyatt. With no foreign transaction fees, this is also a good one to take overseas with you.

However, as with the other co-branded cards in this list, if you aren’t traveling often and staying at a Hyatt property, then this card may not be as useful. Plus, Hyatt properties aren’t exactly cheap.

Having said that, if you are a big spender and favor Hyatt, then you could be seeing rewards that make the annual fee well worth it!

10. United℠ Business Card

The United Business Card is another one offered through Chase Credit Cards. It comes with a $99 annual fee, though you won’t have to pay this for your first year. Thanks Chase!

For frequent flyers with United, this card gives you the opportunity to earn 2x miles when filling up on gas as well as a variety of other purchases. These include:

  • Purchases through United
  • Dining out (and some delivery)
  • Office supply stores
  • Commuting and local transit

All other purchases will earn you 1x miles.

You can also earn 75,000 bonus miles once you’ve spent $5,000 in your first 3 months.

There’s various other perks with this card for both you and your employees. Need extra cards for your staff? They come at no extra cost and their miles earned will be added to your account.

As for you, you can earn travel credit, bonus miles, priority boarding, some discounts on in-flight purchases, one-time passes for United Club, and your first checked bag for free.

Obviously, this is the card for you if you’re a frequent United traveler. However, if you’re not, then there isn’t much point in adding this card to your wallet.

11. CitiBusiness®/AAdvantage® Platinum Select® Mastercard®

The CitiBusiness/AAdvantage Platinum Select Mastercard® is another in the low-annual-fee camp ($99), with a bonus 12 months of this fee waived.

You can earn 2x miles on your gas purchases, as well as with purchases at:

  • American Airlines
  • Telecommunications providers
  • Cable and satellite providers
  • Car rentals

Obviously, this is another co-branded card with an airline, so you’ll be benefiting the most from this card if you’re a frequent and loyal American Airlines customer.

In addition, you’ll also be able to earn 65,000 AAdvantage bonus miles once you’ve spent $4,000 in your first 4 months, and there’s no foreign transaction fees associated with this card.

Plus, you’ll get your first checked bag free on domestic flights! If you’re traveling with others, they’ll also get their first checked bag free (up to four passengers).

There’s no intro offer APR, and the variable APR is a little on the higher side at 20.24%–29.24%.

However, if you’re going to get the most out of the miles (and with no mile cap), then this could be a great card to add to your arsenal.

12. Costco Anywhere Visa® Business Card by Citi

Another card from Citi, the Costco Anywhere Visa® Business Card is one for small businesses that shop with Costco.

There’s no annual fee, no foreign transaction fees, and you can earn 4% cash back on both gas and EV charging globally (on your first $7,000 each year, after which it’s 1% cash back). However, it does come with a higher standard variable APR.

In addition, you can also earn 3% on dining out and eligible travel, 2% on Costco purchases (including online), and 1% on all other purchases.

That’s really a pretty great deal! If you’re a Costco member and have a small business, this card deserves to be on your short list of options.

However, if you’re not a Costco member and see no reason to be (you do have to pay for a membership, after all), then this card won’t be for you.

How to Choose the Best Business Gas Credit Card

If you’re looking for a card to help you make the most out of your spending on gas, make sure that you’re looking for a card that offers rewards specifically for that category.

In particular, look for:

  • Spending caps on gas bonus rewards
  • If there are any additional benefits.

While you may be specifically looking at how you can earn on gas, or discount your purchases at the pump, it will make sense if your card works in other areas of your business too.

Don’t forget that every card’s usefulness will be determined by you, your particular needs and circumstances. Take your time to do your due diligence, compare and contrast cards, and shop around.

Pros and Cons of Business Gas Cards


  • You could access various sign-up bonuses
  • You may get discounts on your gas
  • Other rewards may be available to you
  • You’ll receive rewards, such as cash back, when you fuel up
  • As a business owner, anything you can save is essential


  • Interest rates are often high
  • There are often earning caps
  • Rewards programs are often limited
  • You may not get much in other reward categories
  • Annual card fees may not be worth the savings

Frequently Asked Questions

Which business credit card earns the most rewards at gas stations?

If you’re only after gas rewards, then the Wyndham Rewards Earner Business Card will earn you the most.

However, the rewards are tied to Wyndham hotels– so if you aren’t traveling and planning on staying at one, this credit card may not offer you as much value for money.

What are the easiest gas credit cards to get?

A student credit card, secured credit card, or fuel card would be the easiest gas credit cards to apply for and be approved. This is due to the fact that these cards will often not require as high credit scores.

Why should I get a gas card for my business?

If you’re using your vehicle to travel a lot for your business, then being able to earn on your fuel-ups is a great idea.

In addition to being able to earn other rewards such as cash back, you could also get discounts on your gas purchases — valuable savings when you’re running a business!

Are Business Gas Cards Worth It?

At the end of the day, if you’ve got a business, then a separate credit card for business-only expenses is always a good idea.

And if you’re spending a lot on gas for your business, then finding a card that can offer you rewards around your gas purchases will only help you in the long run.

Do your research carefully — not all gas credit cards are equal — and if they come with an annual fee you’ll want to make sure the rewards are worth it.

Additionally, if you’re specifically looking for gas rewards, pay attention to how the rewards and categories are offered. You may not actually be able to earn rewards that are worth it or applicable to you and your circumstances!

Whatever you decide, be sure to do your due diligence and shop around, and always practice good credit card habits.

Pay your monthly fees on time every time, or be prepared to face unwanted fees and possible debt that you really don’t want to get your business into!